• Bright House Chooses BlackArrow for Dynamic Video Ads

    Bright House Networks, the sixth largest cable TV operator in the US, with 2.5 million subscribers, has announced that will use BlackArrow for dynamic video ad insertion (DAI) for on-demand and multi-screen delivery. As viewers continue to embrace both VOD and myriad viewing devices - and operators make more content and TV Everywhere options available - effectively monetizing these streams is becoming more and more essential.

    Dynamic ad insertion helps the advertiser's ROI and improves the user experience (if you've ever watched a TV show on-demand or on your iPad via either a cable operator's or TV network's TVE app, and saw the same, irrelevant 30-second video ad repeatedly play during the breaks, no doubt this resonates). With operators trying to bolster TVE as a defensive move against OTT alternatives, a lousy ad experience that quickly turns off the user undercuts the goal.

    BlackArrow's ad system addresses these issues, enabling Bright House and its programming partners to use a centralized approach to campaign management, reporting and execution on multiple platforms. In addition, because BlackArrow is integrated with Canoe, Bright House can extend programmers working with Canoe more DAI households.