• Beachfront Media Launches Full Service RISE OTT Platform For Connected TVs and Mobile

    Beachfront Media has launched RISE, a full-service OTT platform for independent video creators to deliver their apps to connected TVs and mobile devices. Beachfront’s CEO and founder Frank Sinton told me that RISE is meant primarily for popular video creators who are becoming their own brands to reach audiences seamlessly across multiple devices.

    At launch RISE can deliver apps to Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and to iOS and Android mobile devices. RISE is distinguished from Beachfront Builder, the company’s mobile centric self-service app platform by providing access to connected TVs and with services including managing the app approval process, promoting apps and maintaining them that all eliminate the need for large engineering teams.

    Initial RISE content providers include ICON Network (18 channels), Pranks (3 channels), Collective Digital Studio (5 channels), JoBLo Movie Network (5 channels), Kip Kay, Vintage Beef, Nicolas Arrieta, Paint, WatchMojo and others. Frank said that others will be considered for RISE on a case-by-case basis. RISE supports multiple business models including advertising (provided by Beachfront iO) and SVOD.  RISE is provided on a revenue share basis.

    Frank noted that RISE is consistent with the larger “future of TV is apps” theme that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook articulated this past September. Frank is especially impressed with the new Apple TV’s interface and Siri search. As Apple TV catches on, he envisions that more and more video content providers will decide to create apps, fueling the direct-to-consumer model. Disney CEO Bob Iger sounded the same theme in the company’s earnings call last week, touting the launch of its own apps including the new DisneyLife SVOD service in the U.K.

    (Note: Beachfront Media is a VideoNuze sponsor)