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  • 3 Video Predictions for 2012: YuMe's Jayant Kadambi

    Continuing the year-end series of industry executives sharing their top 3 video predictions for 2012, today's entry is from Jayant Kadambi, CEO and co-founder of YuMe, a provider of video advertising software and services.

    1. Connected TV advertising will take off in 2012.
    The number of TV sets connected to the internet will exceed 200 million in 2012 (and 550 million in 2016) according to Digital TV Research, and this growth will help brands achieve the reach and scale they require for their TV-video campaigns. Moreover, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and other consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers will likely launch their new Smart TV platforms in January at CES, meaning a broader, more sophisticated array of video advertising options will become available to brand advertisers.

    2. In conjunction with the rise of connected TV advertising, cross-platform and cross-device campaign planning will become the norm for most brands.
    As audiences become increasingly connected, they are consuming more and more video across their smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, set-top boxes, and connected TVs; and what's more, they expect to be able to access that video content seamlessly across platforms and devices. This represents an opportunity for smart advertisers to treat all platforms the same in order to reach their audiences, whenever and wherever they are watching video - be it online, mobile, or via connected TV.

    3. Interactive ads are going to continue to grow in popularity in 2012.
    Consumers voraciously consume online video, and brand advertisers are getting more adventurous and creative about their cross-screen video ad campaigns. In particular, brands want to combine engagement and response objectives to enrich their media buys and ensure a higher ROI. Marketers will increasingly work with interactive video shops to create, serve, and measure their video ads in new, richer ways over the coming year.

    (Note: YuMe is a VideoNuze sponsor)
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