• Video Predictions for 2012: A Year-End Series

    Late December is when I typically look into my crystal ball and make my top online video predictions for the upcoming year. But this time, I'm turning the tables and trying something new. Instead of sharing my point of view, I've reached out to a number of media and technology executives to ask for their top 3 video predictions for 2012. I was very open-ended in my outreach: predictions can be big picture or small picture, business model or tech focused, serious or humorous, etc. They can be submitted as text or as videos.

    I asked that they not be blatantly self-serving (e.g. We'll become the #1 provider of blah, blah in 2012") though it's to be expected that each person's predictions will at least partially align with their company's goals. The series is meant to be very open-ended and inclusive, so if you have strong beliefs about what's ahead in 2012, send them on over and I'll try to publish them too. My attitude is that with all that's happening in online and mobile video, getting as many perspectives on what's coming is beneficial to all of us. At the end I'll aggregate all of them into one post, and yes, despite what I said, I will weigh in on what I see as the top 3. We can discuss them all on VideoNuze or at Twitter #3predictions.

    The series kicks off with predictions from Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, an independent special interest video network (see below).