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Netflix Expands to Radio With SiriusXM Comedy Channel 07-18-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix CEO Says U.S. Rollback of Net Neutrality Rules Is No Big Deal 07-16-2018 Variety
Netflix’s stock crash won’t make the Big Media moguls feel any better 07-16-2018 Recode
Netflix captures most Emmy nods title from HBO 07-12-2018 USA Today
BBC Touts Progress on Gender Pay Gap, Warns of West Coast "Threat to British Content" 07-11-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix is removing online reviews in August 07-06-2018 CNET
Netflix Is Expected to Spend up to $13 Billion on Original Programming This Year 07-08-2018 Fortune
Netflix reportedly mulling new ‘Ultra’ plan, cutting ‘Premium’ streams from 4 to 2 07-03-2018 9to5 Mac
Netflix Is No. 1 Choice for TV Viewing, Beating Broadcast, Cable and YouTube (Study) 07-03-2018 Variety
Coming soon from Netflix: Three dozen billboards in Hollywood 07-02-2018 Reuters
Forecast: Netflix Could Grow To Nearly 90 Million Subs In 12 Years 06-27-2018 Mediapost
Survey reveals how Netflix freeloaders enjoy the site for free 06-20-2018 BGR
European TV Gets Ready to Fight Off Netflix and HBO 06-08-2018 Bloomberg
Inside the Binge Factory 06-10-2018 Vulture
Netflix Exec: Productions From the Obamas Will Not Have a ‘Political Slant’ 05-29-2018 Variety
For OTT Giants Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Roku And Apple, It’s A Jump Ball For Brand Budgets 05-28-2018 AdExchanger
TV's Arms Race for Talent Is Blowing Up Traditional Studio Deals 05-25-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Stock Hits Record High, Briefly Making It More Valuable Than Disney 05-24-2018 Variety
Vox’s new Netflix show is just the start of its video ambitions 05-23-2018 Fast Company
Publishers’ candid thoughts on video: ‘We’re a bunch of sheep’ 05-22-2018 Digiday
Netflix Widens Lead as Having ‘Best Original Programming,’ Beating HBO, Amazon, Hulu, Showtime on Survey 05-22-2018 Variety
People are threatening to boycott Netflix after the Obamas signed a deal with the streaming service 05-21-2018 Business Insider
The Netflix Effect: Publishers see Netflix deals as gateways to more TV work 05-18-2018 Digiday
Netflix's next act: feeding the service with its own movies 05-17-2018 Reuters
How Can Traditional TV Networks Compete With Streaming Services’ Mega-Deals? 05-16-2018 Variety
Netflix Content Chief Says 85% of New Spending Is on Originals 05-14-2018 Variety
Streaming Services Shake Up Japan’s Film Biz 05-11-2018 Variety
Netflix CEO: "We Made Mistakes" With Cannes Controversy 05-03-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Even TV networks agree there are too many commercials 04-30-2018 Marketplace
Netflix, Amazon Would Be Forced to Maintain 30% European Content Quotas Under Proposed EU Law 04-26-2018 Variety
Netflix Plans BuzzFeed-Set Docuseries 'Follow This' 04-25-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Breaks Up Audience Romance With Telenovela 04-23-2018 WSJ
Netflix’s New 30-Second Mobile Previews Look Like Snapchat and Instagram Stories 04-19-2018 Variety
Netflix has considered buying theaters, including Mark Cuban's Landmark, to gain an Oscar edge, sources say 04-19-2018 LA Times
What's at Stake in Cannes's Battle With Netflix 04-18-2018 The Atlantic
Comcast’s Netflix Bundles Begin to Surface 04-17-2018 Multichannel News
Netflix CEO says apps are the new TV channels 04-17-2018 Quartz
Netflix’s ‘new world order’: a streaming giant on the brink of global domination 04-17-2018 Guardian
Netflix added more than seven million subscribers during Q1, and its shares are climbing - again 04-16-2018 Recode
Netflix Licensed Content Generates 80% of U.S. Viewing, Study Finds 04-12-2018 Variety
Comcast to Bundle Rival Netflix in Plans 04-13-2018 WSJ
Netflix offering more than $300 million for billboard company 04-06-2018 Reuters
You can now use your Netflix subscription anywhere in the EU 04-02-2018 Wired
Walmart Beat Netflix and Amazon to Video on Demand But Still Lost 03-28-2018 Bloomberg
Younger viewers now watch Netflix more than the BBC, says corporation 03-28-2018 Guardian
Netflix and YouTube streaming video is about to get a lot faster 03-28-2018 CNET
Can the Shortform Video Market Make a Comeback? 03-23-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix’s deal terms pose a conundrum for TV studios 03-19-2018 Digiday
How To Replace Your Cable, From A Network Executive Who Cut The Cord 03-16-2018 IndieWire
Netflix is poised to enter the TV news business 03-13-2018 MarketWatch
HBO Bosses on Rising Costs, Brutal Negotiations and 'Game of Thrones' Future 03-13-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Tests Gamifying Kids' Shows with Trophy Unlocking 03-09-2018 PC
Obama in Talks to Provide Shows for Netflix 03-08-2018 NY Times
Netflix to Introduce Mobile Previews With Vertical Video in April 03-07-2018 Variety
You can watch Netflix on any screen you want, but you’re probably watching it on a TV 03-07-2018 Recode
Netflix streamed to almost half a billion devices last month 03-06-2018 CNET
Netflix CFO: We’re Going To Have 700 Original Programs On Our Platform In 2018 02-27-2018 Tubefilter
John Landgraf on Ryan Murphy’s Importance to FX and Losing Him to Netflix 02-27-2018 Adweek
Netflix spends more on content than anyone else on the internet - and many TV networks, too 02-26-2018 Recode
Streaming TV and Podcasting Feed Into a Fast-Growing Talk-Show Universe 02-21-2018 WSJ
As the Streaming Wars Heat Up, Ryan Murphy Cashes In 02-15-2018 NY Times
Verizon gives a year of free Netflix to new FiOS customers 02-14-2018 Engadget
Netflix is getting crushed in India, and it's all because of Amazon and Hotstar 02-02-2018 Android Central
What Does It Mean That Netflix, Amazon Left Sundance Empty-Handed? 01-29-2018 Tubefilter
Netflix Execs Say They’re Not Afraid of Disney’s Streaming Service 01-22-2018 Variety
HBO to Talent: You Won’t Get This Much Love at Netflix 01-15-2018 WSJ
NBC brings two Winter Olympics preview shows to Netflix 01-14-2018 Engadget
More Evidence That Netflix and Amazon Have Joined a Legal War Against Piracy 01-10-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
At CES 2018, Hulu says Netflix isn’t the high roller you think 01-10-2018 CNET
How FANG Stocks Left the Media Business Snakebitten: A 2017 Retrospective 12-29-2017 Variety
Netflix is turning Will Smith streaming original ‘Bright’ into a film franchise 12-20-2017 TechCrunch
Netflix vs. cable: Subscribers are neck and neck now, says PwC 12-19-2017 Fast Company
Disney-21st Century Fox and the war with Netflix over streaming 12-15-2017 CNN
Netflix will look for a repeat play in 2018 after a strong year 12-15-2017 TechCrunch
Netflix Slams FCC’s ‘Misguided’ Repeal of Net Neutrality Regulations 12-14-2017 Variety
Disney deal with Fox to compete with Netflix and Amazon is a ‘lost cause,’ analyst says 12-14-2017 CNBC
Netflix Backs Away From Fight Over Internet Rules Now That Traffic is Flowing 12-13-2017 WSJ
Netflix calls out 53 'Christmas Prince' viewers and Twitter claps back 12-11-2017 USA Today
Verizon Fios quietly adds Netflix integration to three set-top box models 12-07-2017 The Verge
Would Disney, With Control of Hulu and Fox Studios, Have Formula for a Netflix Killer? 12-05-2017 Variety
Netflix's Ted Sarandos Talks Originals Output, Disney's Streaming Efforts 12-04-2017 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Surprised by Download Use Among Subs 12-04-2017 Home Media
How Cable Companies Learned to Love Netflix (or Hulu) and Chill Out 11-27-2017 Bloomberg
The end of 'House of Cards' would hammer Baltimore and wipe out 2,000 jobs 11-07-2017 CNN
Netflix cuts ties with Kevin Spacey after sexual misconduct allegations 11-03-2017 CNBC
BBC chief warns British TV under serious threat from likes of Netflix 11-01-2017 Guardian
Netflix Races Ahead as Chief Rivals Hulu, Amazon Navigate Exec Transitions 11-01-2017 Variety
‘House of Cards’ Canceled; Netflix ‘Deeply Troubled’ by Spacey Assault Claim 10-30-2017 Variety
Price Play 10-30-2017 Home Media
Netflix is running a Snapchat lens that serves as a portal into the 'Stranger Things' living room 10-27-2017 Business Insider
Netflix Bows Android Disc Rental App 10-25-2017 Home Media
Netflix to Raise $1.6 Billion More Debt to Fuel Content-Buying Binge 10-23-2017 Variety
Binge Racing: ‘Gilmore Girls,’ ‘Fuller House’ Are Top Netflix Series That Viewers Finish in First 24 Hours 10-18-2017 Variety
Netflix plans to make 30 more original anime shows 10-18-2017 The Daily Dot
Can Netflix Slay The Mouse? 10-18-2017 Fast Company
At Long Last, Nielsen Will Publicly Share Ratings for Netflix Shows 10-18-2017 Adweek
How Disney’s New Streaming Services Could Stack Up Against Netflix 10-16-2017 Fast Company
Netflix Audience Older, Wealthier and Male 10-12-2017 Home Media
Once Dominant, Netflix Faces An Increasing Number Of Video Challengers 10-11-2017 NPR
‘Narcos’ Is the Most Popular Show On Netflix 10-06-2017 Tubefilter
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