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Title Date Source
Netflix, Amazon Video, and Xfinity are accidentally re-creating cable TV 08-13-2018 The Verge
'Jeopardy!' Joins Hulu In Streaming Deal 08-13-2018 Mediapost
Walmart's Amazon Envy: Retailer Lays Groundwork for New Streamer 08-11-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Hulu's Losses More Than Doubled in Q2 to $357M 08-10-2018 Multichannel News
As Netflix surges, original content is the new black. But licensed shows still take the crown 08-12-2018 LA Times
Hulu Losses Double in Q2 to $357 Million, as Disney Is Set to Take Control 08-09-2018 Variety
Discovery Channel Founder Pivots After Hitting Ceiling for Cord-Cutter Bonanza 08-02-2018 WSJ
Disney’s Streaming Service Starts to Come Into Focus 08-05-2018 NY Times
CBS All Access And Showtime OTT To Reach 16 Million Subscribers By 2022 08-02-2018 Deadline
Disney Is Seeking ‘Star Wars’ Rights Back From TBS, TNT 08-02-2018 Bloomberg
Netflix's 'BoJack Horseman' Repeats to Air on Comedy Central in Library Deal 07-26-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix doubles down on customization with revamped profile icons 07-25-2018 BGR
HBO chief mocks 'nonexistent raging war' with Netflix 07-25-2018 Entertainment
Amazon Studios’ Top Film Executive Is Departing Amid Strategic Shift 07-24-2018 Tubefilter
Reese Witherspoon Sets '70s Rock Drama Series at Amazon 07-25-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Research: 30% of Netflix Customers Subscribe to Premium Tier 07-20-2018 Multichannel News
Netflix Revamps TV Interface, Aiming to Boost Streaming Hours 07-18-2018 Variety
Netflix Expands to Radio With SiriusXM Comedy Channel 07-18-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Walmart is reportedly planning a video streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon 07-17-2018 Quartz
Netflix CEO Says U.S. Rollback of Net Neutrality Rules Is No Big Deal 07-16-2018 Variety
Netflix’s stock crash won’t make the Big Media moguls feel any better 07-16-2018 Recode
Netflix captures most Emmy nods title from HBO 07-12-2018 USA Today
AMC Premiere Launches on YouTube TV 07-11-2018 Multichannel News
BBC Touts Progress on Gender Pay Gap, Warns of West Coast "Threat to British Content" 07-11-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix is removing online reviews in August 07-06-2018 CNET
Netflix Is Expected to Spend up to $13 Billion on Original Programming This Year 07-08-2018 Fortune
Netflix reportedly mulling new ‘Ultra’ plan, cutting ‘Premium’ streams from 4 to 2 07-03-2018 9to5 Mac
Netflix Is No. 1 Choice for TV Viewing, Beating Broadcast, Cable and YouTube (Study) 07-03-2018 Variety
Coming soon from Netflix: Three dozen billboards in Hollywood 07-02-2018 Reuters
Forecast: Netflix Could Grow To Nearly 90 Million Subs In 12 Years 06-27-2018 Mediapost
Hulu’s Fate Hinges on Outcome of Fox Bidding War 06-28-2018 WSJ
Hulu CEO Randy Freer on Company Reorg, Future of ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ 06-25-2018 Variety
Study: 85% of U.S. Millennials Subscribe to At Least One OTT Video Service 06-21-2018 Multichannel News
Survey reveals how Netflix freeloaders enjoy the site for free 06-20-2018 BGR
Hulu: Average Viewer is Watching 10 Shows 06-15-2018 Multichannel News
What Will Comcast's Fox Offer Mean For Hulu? 06-14-2018 Mediapost
Inside the Binge Factory 06-10-2018 Vulture
Jordan Peele Signs TV Deal With Amazon 06-05-2018 NY Times
OTT Revenues Retain High Growth, But Slow Pace 06-05-2018 Mediapost
Hulu Loses Chief Content Officer, SVPs Of Partnerships And Experience Amid Sweeping Reorganization 06-01-2018 Tubefilter
About half of all Hulu subscribers pay for the ad-free version, 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch says 05-29-2018 Recode
Netflix Exec: Productions From the Obamas Will Not Have a ‘Political Slant’ 05-29-2018 Variety
TV's Arms Race for Talent Is Blowing Up Traditional Studio Deals 05-25-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Netflix Stock Hits Record High, Briefly Making It More Valuable Than Disney 05-24-2018 Variety
Vox’s new Netflix show is just the start of its video ambitions 05-23-2018 Fast Company
Publishers’ candid thoughts on video: ‘We’re a bunch of sheep’ 05-22-2018 Digiday
Netflix Widens Lead as Having ‘Best Original Programming,’ Beating HBO, Amazon, Hulu, Showtime on Survey 05-22-2018 Variety
People are threatening to boycott Netflix after the Obamas signed a deal with the streaming service 05-21-2018 Business Insider
The Netflix Effect: Publishers see Netflix deals as gateways to more TV work 05-18-2018 Digiday
Netflix's next act: feeding the service with its own movies 05-17-2018 Reuters
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