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Title Date Source
Europe's New Copyright Rules Would Force YouTube, Facebook to Block Protected Content 02-14-2019 The Hollywood Reporter
Even YouTube CEO's kids said Rewind was 'cringey' last year 02-05-2019 CNET
YouTube’s Latest Attempt To Cut Off Conspiracy Content Is A New Algorithm 01-25-2019 Tubefilter
YouTube 4K Content Goes Live on Comcast’s Xfinity X1 Set-Tops 12-17-2018 Variety
YouTube adds 1.75x playback speed on the web 12-17-2018 Android Police
YouTube removed 58 million videos in latest quarter 12-13-2018 The Hill
Google CEO Sundar Pichai Probed Over YouTube’s Conspiracy Problem At Congressional Hearing 12-12-2018 Tubefilter
YouTube Expands ‘Stories’ Feature To All Creators With At Least 10,000 Subscribers 11-29-2018 Tubefilter
YouTube to Pull Back on Scripted in 2020 Amid Ad-Supported Push 11-27-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
YouTube is now showing ad-supported Hollywood movies 11-16-2018 AdAge
YouTube CEO calls EU’s proposed copyright regulation financially impossible 11-12-2018 The Verge
Google expands in Playa Vista in historic Spruce Goose hangar 11-08-2018 LA Times
Why Children’s Fondness for YouTube Puts the Company at Risk 11-07-2018 WSJ
Jennifer Salke Details Amazon's Global TV "Sweet Spot": "I'm Here to Compete" 10-20-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
YouTube's miniplayer arrives to keep you watching while browsing 10-01-2018 Engadget
YouTube is replacing textbooks in classrooms across America 09-22-2018 Axios
YouTube Opens $5 ‘Channel Memberships’ Feature To Creators With More Than 50,000 Subscribers 09-18-2018 Tubefilter
YouTube merges Gaming with main site after standalone app fails to impress 09-18-2018 TNW
YouTube: TV Screen Viewing Up 45% 09-17-2018 Multichannel News
YouTube Kids App Unveils New Feature To Target Preteens 09-13-2018 Tubefilter
With 70% Of Viewership On Mobile, YouTube Is Finally Rolling Out Vertical Video Ads 09-13-2018 Tubefilter
YouTube is making it very easy to see how much time you spend watching videos 08-27-2018 The Verge
YouTube ads are about to get a little less skippable 08-25-2018 Mashable
Google Shuts Down 39 YouTube Accounts Linked To Iranian ‘Influence Operation’ 08-23-2018 Tubefilter
The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views 08-11-2018 NY Times
YouTube Premium Cracks Open Its Paywall 07-30-2018 Mediapost
YouTube search results for A-list celebrities hijacked by conspiracy theorists 07-30-2018 NBC News
YouTube web player now adapts to different aspect ratios 07-27-2018 Android Police
YouTube Issues Another Strike Against InfoWars For Hate Speech, Child Endangerment 07-25-2018 Tubefilter
Mozilla Developer Claims Google Is Slowing YouTube on Firefox 07-25-2018 PC
YouTube Is Reportedly Combatting Instagram’s IGTV By Cutting Six-Figure Checks To Creators 07-23-2018 Tubefilter
YouTube begins embracing the hashtag 07-19-2018 Engadget
YouTube will now notify some creators when their videos are stolen 07-11-2018 The Verge
YouTube’s Incognito mode for private watching is widely rolling out on Android 07-10-2018 9to5 Google
YouTube says it has a plan to stem the flow of misinformation videos 07-09-2018 CNN
YouTube is testing auto-generated video thumbnails that replace custom thumbnails 06-28-2018 9to5 Google
YouTube launches paid subscription membership, merch shelves 06-21-2018 CNET
MobiTV Lines Up Programmers for New Video Streaming Platform 06-13-2018 Multichannel News
YouTube for Android adopts collapsed video mini-player from iOS app, rolling out now 05-24-2018 9to5 Google
Morgan Stanley Pegs YouTube’s Valuation At $160 Billion, Above Disney, Comcast, And Netflix 05-21-2018 Tubefilter
YouTube will use Content ID data to display full music credits and link to the official videos 05-16-2018 Venture Beat
Ahead Of Royal Wedding, Meghan Markle Videos Have Received 94 Million Views On YouTube In 2018 05-15-2018 Tubefilter
YouTube Sets New Content Deals With Will Smith, Coachella and More, as CEO Promises Focus on Brand Safety 05-03-2018 Variety
YouTube has 1.8 billion logged-in viewers each month 05-03-2018 The Verge
For the first time, parents can limit YouTube Kids to human-reviewed videos and recommendations 04-25-2018 TechCrunch
YouTube networks drop thousands of creators as YouTube policy shifts 04-23-2018 Polygon
YouTube promises expansion of sponsorships, other monetization tools for creators 04-18-2018 TechCrunch
Here’s YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki talking about controversial monetization changes on the platform 04-04-2018 Recode
Study: Most YouTube influencers still don't disclose sponsored deals 03-28-2018 Engadget
Google Play Movies & TV App Adds Listings of Third-Party Streaming Services - But Not Netflix 03-27-2018 Variety
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