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  • Ooyala: Mobile Now Accounts for Over Half of Video Views, Up 10x in 4 Years

    According to Ooyala’s newly released Q2 ’16 Global Video Index, mobile viewing now accounts for 50.6% of all video views, up a whopping 10x from the 5% viewing share on mobile in Q2 ’12. Ooyala has been tracking mobile viewing for years and this is the first time it has crossed the 50% mark. One year ago, in Q2 ’15, mobile was at 44% viewing share and two years ago, in Q2 ’14, it was just over 25%.

    Ooyala attributed the strong growth to the popularity of smartphones and robust WiFi, especially globally. 64% of American adults now own a smartphone and 90% of millennials reported they’re almost never without them. 75% of viewers age 18-29 watch video on their smartphone.

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  • Fourteen Initial Sponsors for SHIFT // 2016 Programmatic Video & TV Advertising Summit

    Fourteen industry-leading companies are on board as the initial sponsors of VideoNuze’s SHIFT // 2016 Programmatic Video & TV Advertising Summit on Wednesday, November 30th in NYC. This will be our 2nd annual SHIFT conference, following the success of our inaugural event last year which drew 375+ attendees and 50 executive speakers.

    The initial group of sponsors includes Premier Partners Altitude Digital, AOL, DashBid, SpotX, VertaMedia and Videology, along with Headline Partners Alphonso, Beachfront Media, FreeWheel, Genesis Media, Placemedia, TiVo Research and WideOrbit, plus Branding Partner Roku.

    I’m incredibly grateful that all of these companies are supporting SHIFT // 2016. There are additional sponsorship opportunities available; please contact me if you’d like to learn more.

    The SHIFT // 2016 program is coming together nicely and will be laser-focused on key topics in programmatic video & TV advertising. The program will include a mix of keynote interviews, panel discussions, fireside chats and research presentations. As always the goal is to provide attendees with insights and data that are valuable in both day-to-day and longer-range planning. Stay tuned for more information on the program and our initial group of speakers.

    Early bird discounted tickets are now available. I hope you’ll join us on November 30th!


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  • Blending Original Video and Programmatic: Interview With Eddie Lee, VP, 495 Communications

    I recently had a chance to talk with Eddie Lee, who is VP of Programmatic at 495 Communications, which combines original travel-related video and programmatic video advertising. Eddie brought me up to speed on the company and their recently launched 495 QeX product. Following is a transcript.

    VideoNuze: Explain the multiple parts of 495 Communications' business and how they work together?
    Eddie Lee: 495 Communications has two subsets on the supply side: one being a large publisher-direct network and the other side being our O&O content, HTML5 player (SavvyGo), and - true cross device inventory (desktop, mobile and CTV/OTT apps).   Using our own proprietary RTB exchange, we are able to service advertisers and demand partners by providing them quality traffic, in scale.

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  • How Four Technologies Combined to Make Twitter’s NFL Broadcast an Online Video Milestone

    Last Thursday night felt like a milestone moment to me in the continued mainstreaming of online video viewing. At 9pm, I turned on my 46-inch Insignia HDTV, toggled to input 3, grabbed my Fire TV remote control, scrolled to the app section, downloaded the Twitter app and began watching the Jets play the Bills over my 100 mbps Comcast broadband connection in pristine quality. Just like that I was watching an NFL game outside the traditional TV ecosystem.

    The whole process took just a few minutes and likely could have been accomplished by the least tech-savvy among us. On the surface it might seem like a relatively trivial undertaking, but in reality, the experience reflected the significant technology and consumer behavioral advancements that have taken place in just the past 10 years or so. Every one of these advancements was critical in enabling the Twitter broadcast. And every one of them is also causing the seismic changes roiling the broader TV industry.


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  • VideoNuze Podcast #339: Turner Moves Toward Direct-to-Consumer; Tough Realities for Skinny Bundles

    I'm pleased to present the 339th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

    First up this week we discuss Time Warner’s investment earlier this week in You.i TV, a video app development platform. Colin notes that the acquisition furthers Turner’s strategy of owning its own technology and going direct-to-consumer. From my standpoint, You.i TV is critical in streamlining Turner’s app development across multiple connected devices, where viewing is migrating.

    We then transition to talking about skinny bundle research from Altman Vilandrie & Co., which I wrote about yesterday. The data confirmed my skepticism about how difficult it will be for skinny bundle providers to offer sufficiently comprehensive channel lineups while still enticing subscribers with cost savings. We dig into some of the most salient data points.

    (apologies, the recording quality was a little sub-par this week)

    Listen now to learn more!

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  • New Research Highlights Major Challenges Skinny Bundles Face

    New research from consulting firm Altman Vilandrie & Company highlights the major challenges that current and pending “skinny bundles” face. Skinny bundles - which are scaled down, customized and less expensive groups of TV networks - have become a hot industry topic, and are perceived as valuable in pulling cord-cutters and cord-nevers back into the pay-TV ecosystem.

    But AV&Co.’s 7th annual consumer video survey, which is the most extensive research that I’ve seen yet into the prospects for skinny bundles, paints a picture of how narrow the opportunity may in fact be. VideoNuze readers know that I’ve been very skeptical of skinny bundles, whether from Sling TV, PlayStation Vue or soon Hulu and DirecTV Now. The AV&Co. research largely confirms my concerns (see here and here).

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  • Perspective What's this? The (near) Future of Video Advertising After Flash is Killed

    Flash became popular in the early 2000s for good reason - it added interactivity and polished design to the Web.  Over the last few years, Flash has been operational and has been very important when using websites like YouTube and Hulu, among other sites.

    However, with the emergence of HTML5, especially since the beginning of 2016, the Flash ad has seemingly become useless and has lost trend over the past few years. There are predictions that showing Google will finally close this ad type by the end of this year, 2016. I also predict that the majority of advertisers will need to shift their video ad supply to be delivered in HTML5 format, while currently, about 30% of the ads worldwide are in the HTML5 player (according to Selectmedia’a server stats from Aug/2016).

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  • YouTube’s TrueView for Action Enhances Advertisers’ ROI

    This morning YouTube unveiled “TrueView for action” an important update to its TrueView ad format. With TrueView for action, advertisers can add calls-to-action during and after the ad’s play. Examples of a call-to-action could include get a quote, book now or sign up alerts.

    YouTube is positioning the feature as applicable for advertisers of high consideration products or services, such as financial services, automotive or travel, where the ability to move a viewer down the funnel toward purchase enhances the ROI of the ad. YouTube said that its research has found approximately 70 million 18-54 year-olds in the U.S. say YouTube already helps at least once per month in making a purchase decision.

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