• Video Ad Platform SpotXchange Reports 145% Revenue Growth in Q1 '14

    More evidence of the boom in online video advertising as SpotXchange has reported that its Q1 '14 revenues increased 145% vs. Q1 '13. The company pointed to a slew of new premium content provider customers including Hearst Digital, Meredith Video Solutions, Zynga, The Atlantic and Billboard as helping fuel its growth. Over the past few quarters SpotXchange said it has added 80+ supply side platform partners and integrated with 30+ demand side platforms.

    In addition, SpotXchange said that programmatic spending was up 350% in Q1 '14 vs. the prior year. Though it didn't break out what percentage of its revenue programmatic accounted for, earlier this year CEO Mike Shehan told me it drove 57% of revenue in December, 2013.

    SpotXchange also experienced big growth in mobile where it had 3.1 billion+ mobile video impressions. International was also a driver, with southeast Asia now up to 20% of overall APAC revenues in Q1. The company now employs over 150 people globally and intends to add another 100 by end of 2014.

    Per comScore, SpotXchange delivered over 2.4 billion video ads in March, 2014.

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