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  • Vindico Unveils MatchPoint for Targeted Video Ads to Existing Customers

    Video ad manager Vindico has unveiled MatchPoint, a customer relationship management tool that enables advertisers to more efficiently target existing customers with online video advertising campaigns.

    With MatchPoint, the advertiser uploads specific customer data (e.g. email address, phone #, etc.) which Vindico then matches against 1 billion profiles in real-time to provide demographic and psychographic information about the advertisers' customers. The results can then be used to zero in on particular audiences to target for customized campaigns across numerous inventory sources.

    MatchPoint is available via Vindico Bid Manager (VBM), a demand-side platform which the company officially launched yesterday for programmatic buying. A unique feature of VBM is that all video inventory is ranked and rated for viewability by Vindico's Adtricity which provides A-F letter grades for video inventory based on its viewability, execution, content and traffic. Vindico recently shared research showing that just 34% of video ad impressions are at the same quality as TV advertising.

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