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NewFronts Drops Final Schedule, Says 8,500 Attendees Pre-Registered For First Virtual Outing 06-17-2020 Tubefilter
Coronavirus Ad Revenue Impact: Sell-Side 04-15-2020 IAB
IAB Postpones NewFronts for Almost 2 Months 03-31-2020 Adweek
IAB Taps Former IPG Vet Cohen As New President 03-10-2020 Mediapost
IAB Video Streaming Report: Higher Ad Revenue Growth For OTT Platforms, 'Walled Garden' Concerns 12-10-2019 Mediapost
IAB: video driving all-time high in digital ad spend 10-21-2019 The Drum
Facebook Joins Initial Lineup at IAB’s NewFronts West 08-09-2019 Adweek
IAB Announces Initial Slate For Second Annual NewFronts West, Featuring Facebook, Vevo, Streamys Brand Awards, More 08-08-2019 Tubefilter
US digital advertising exceeded $100B in 2018 (IAB report) 05-07-2019 TechCrunch
Study: Mobile Video Ads With Interactive Call-To-Action Deliver Better Results 10-30-2018 Mediapost
IAB Releases Advanced TV Attribution Buyer's Guide 10-29-2018 Mediapost
IAB says online advertising grew to $88B last year - more spending than TV 05-10-2018 TechCrunch
Los Angeles NewFronts Event Set for October 05-07-2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Why Programmatic Is Fueling Digital Video Ad Spending 05-07-2018 Mediapost
Who’s Watching Digital Video? A Diverse, Expanding Audience, IAB Says 04-27-2018 WSJ
VPAID Is Out, And The IAB Tech Lab Says It Has Its Replacement 11-09-2017 AdExchanger
Most Americans can get internet on their TV - but they’re still mostly watching plain old TV 05-10-2017 Recode
IAB Says Overall Digital Video Ad Revenues Grew 53% To $9.1 Billion Last Year 04-26-2017 Tubefilter
Industry Trade Groups Turn Up The Volume On Digital Video Specs 09-12-2016 AdExchanger
IAB Issues Whitepaper On Programmatic Video That Aims To Clarify Complexity 07-01-2016 Mediapost
Authenticity Overtakes Aspirations In Online Video Ads 05-11-2016 Mediapost
Digital Video Is Now More Popular Than Primetime TV: Study 05-11-2016 Variety
New Study Shows Millennials Prefer Short Mobile Videos, While Older Crowds Like Long-form 04-11-2016 Adweek
Programmatic Might Be A Plus For Creatives 11-11-2015 Mediapost
VASTly Improved? IAB Introduces 4.0 11-02-2015 Mediapost
Thirty-Six Percent Of Smartphone Users Regularly Watch Longer-Form Videos 06-08-2015 Tubefilter
Mobile Video Brings Viewers Back To TV 06-08-2015 Mediapost
One In Four U.S. Adults Watches Original Video Content Every Month 05-06-2015 Tubefilter
Execs To Increase Digital Video Ads 04-27-2015 Mediapost
Defining Viewability: "The Opportunity To Be Seen Can't Tell You If An Ad Worked Or Not" 04-22-2015 AdExchanger
Less Ads Mean Streaming TV Tops Traditional Viewing 04-20-2015 Mediapost
IAB Points to Vendor Reporting as Key Issue in Viewability Debate 02-09-2015 AdAge
Ad-Agency Trade Group Rejects Online Ad-Viewability Guidelines 12-21-2014 WSJ
IAB: 100% Viewability Just Isn`t Possible Yet 12-16-2014 AdExchanger
IAB Creates Digital Video Division, Names Hulu`s Peter Naylor Chairman 11-05-2014 Tubefilter
Digital Video Ad Revenue Increases To $1.5 Billion In First Half Of 2014 10-20-2014 Tubefilter
Programmatic Video Buying Means Linking All Video Buying (Hopefully) 09-02-2014 eMarketer
IAB nears standard metric for video ad views 08-12-2014 MarketingWeek
For Online Video Publishers, a New Tack on Luring Ad Dollars 05-07-2014 NY Times
Original Digital Video On Track To Be As Important As TV, Say Marketers & Agencies In New Study From IAB 04-28-2014 Press Release
IAB Unveils 2014 Digital Content Newfronts Schedule 02-06-2014 VideoInk
IAB: 72% of Publishers Are Now Using Programmatic Ad Technologies 11-05-2013 AdAge
Ad Buyers Expect TV Plus Digital Video Spend To Increase 08-08-2013 Online Media Daily
TV Ads Viewed Online Up Brand Recall 02-25-2013 Online Media Daily
Check Out the Five New Video Ad Formats Endorsed By the IAB 02-25-2013 AdAge
Mobile Video Is all About Home Sweet Home 12-13-2012 AdWeek
IAB May Take Over NewFronts 11-07-2012 AdWeek
Study: More Men Than Women Use Mobile Phones to Choose Movies, Watch Trailers 10-02-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
IAB`s New Standardization Tools Just Might Mean You Won`t See That Beer Ad Ten Times in a Row 04-10-2012 AdWeek
Video Ads Are The Most Effective, Move 41% of Affluents to Take Action 08-11-2011 ReelSEO
Online Ad Revenue Hits $26 Billion In 2010 04-14-2011 Online Media Daily
Ad Industry Group Picks Bigger Online Ads in Hopes of Attracting TV Dollars to Web 02-28-2011 AdAge
Adify Boosts Industry Capacity to Serve Video Ads 05-26-2010 Press Release
Momentum for Web Ad Market 05-14-2010 AdWeek
IAB Sets New Video Guidelines 12-18-2009 Mediaweek OneSource Becomes the First Dedicated Video Ad Serving Platform to Receive IAB Online Ad Measurement Certification 11-04-2009 Press Release
Internet Ad Revenues at $10.9 Billion for First Half of `09 10-05-2009 Press Release
IAB Reaches for Web Video Ad Standards 02-23-2009 TV Week
IAB Releases In-Stream Video Ad Report 06-12-2008 Online Media Daily
IAB Introduces Online Video Ad Guidelines 05-06-2008 Mediaweek
IAB Updates In-Stream Video Ad Guidelines 04-07-2008 ClickZ
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