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News for 'FOX'

Title Date Source
TV Networks To Forecast Viewership for The Week After Shows Air 09-17-2014 AdAge
Rebound Eludes TV Ads 09-16-2014 WSJ
Disney, Fox Weigh Joining Sony`s Web-TV Service 09-11-2014 Bloomberg
Senators Take Aim at Rising Cable Bills 09-05-2014 National Journal
In Television Deals, NFL Plays by Its Own Rules 09-04-2014 WSJ
Netflix Lands Fox`s `Gotham` After First Season Worldwide 09-03-2014 Variety
StyleHaul Next Big MCN Sale? Amazon, Fox, Hearst Approach 08-12-2014 Variety
Networks reject `a la carte` TV 08-11-2014 The Hill
Another Court Ruling, Another Win for Hopper 07-14-2014 Home Media Magazine
`Big Four` Nets Rebound In `Must Keep TV` Survey 07-15-2014 Multichannel News
Broadcasters to Supremes: Aereo is Stealing On Massive Scale 02-24-2014 B&C
Super Bowl: Fox’s Streaming Internet Audience Up 4% from CBS`s Last Year 02-03-2014 Variety
Six ways TV is changing forever 01-22-2014 Quartz
Fox`s Reilly Claims Nielsen Is Outdated, Pushes For Cross-Platform Metrics Acceptance 01-14-2014 MediaDailyNews
Supreme Court to Hear Case Pitting Aereo Service Against Broadcasters 01-10-2014 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Cable TV Contributes More than 60 Percent of Hollywood Profits 01-06-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Fox to Live-Stream Super Bowl Online for Free, But NFC Playoff Games Will Be Locked Behind Pay-TV Wall 01-02-2014 Variety
TV Broadcasters Fire Back at Aereo`s Supreme Court Claims 12-23-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Stitt: Live Streams Will Boost Local TV in 2014 12-16-2013 Net News Check
Fox Streaming Service Heads to Xbox One 12-11-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Verizon FiOS Now Streaming CBS, Fox Local Stations to In-Home Devices 12-05-2013 Variety
Fox COO: Original Programming Key to Distribution Exclusivity 11-20-2013 Home Media Magazine
21st Century Fox COO Chase Carey Explains the Logic Behind Retransmission Negotiations 11-14-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Fox Appealing Judge`s Denial of Hopper `Anywhere` Injunction 10-23-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Fifty Shades of Grey: Broadcast Audience Older Than Ever 10-16-2013 AdWeek
Hulu in talks with Fox TV executive for CEO role 10-11-2013 Reuters
Broadcasters Will Petition Supreme Court to Review Aereo Case 10-09-2013 Variety
As DVRs Shift TV Habits, Ratings Calculations Follow 10-07-2013 NY Times
Utah Broadcasters, Fox Sue Aereo 10-07-2013 Multichannel News
Fox Denied Request to Shut Down Dish DVR`s Place-Shifting Features 09-23-2013 Variety
Cable Fights to Feed `Binge` TV Viewers 09-21-2013 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Fox to Court: FilmOnX Violates Transmit Clause 08-27-2013 Multichannel News
Fox Grabs TV Rights to U.S. Open Golf From NBC-ESPN 08-07-2013 Bloomberg
Appeals Court Upholds Dish`s Hopper DVR Ruling 07-24-2013 Home Media Magazine
Is Hulu lost? Latest nixed sale shows owners have no clear plan 07-15-2013 The Verge
Hulu Bidders Balk at `Onerous` Disney, Fox Demands as Deadline Nears 07-01-2013 The Wrap
Netflix Inks Exclusive Deal to Stream Fox`s `New Girl` 07-01-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Fox May Stream Super Bowl On Authenticated Basis 06-19-2013 MediaDailyNews
`Blue` expands to Hulu too, spreading beyond YouTube 06-18-2013 CNET - News.com
ABC, Fox, NBC Seize More Control Of Hulu Ad Sales 05-22-2013 Variety
TV Upfronts Dive Deep into Digital 05-16-2013 Variety
Crazy like a Fox: how broadcast networks could rake in billions by going cable-only 05-06-2013 The Verge
Aereo Says Networks Bluffing on Threat of Switch to Cable 05-02-2013 Bloomberg
Barry Diller says broadcasters are bluffing about going cable 04-29-2013 LA Times
Fox Urges Judge to Block Dish Anywhere 04-19-2013 Variety
Broadcasters Circle Wagons Against a TV Streaming Upstart 04-10-2013 NY Times
News Corp. Threatens to Make Fox Cable-Only Amid Aereo Dispute 04-08-2013 Variety
Fox Digital Studios Drops New Series, Short Film On Netflix 04-01-2013 Tubefilter News
Fox`s Brennan: TV Everywhere `is probably our most important online strategy` 03-27-2013 Fierce Online Video
Signals Weak for TV-Ad Market 03-25-2013 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Samsung Bows Fox, Univision Apps With Internet TV Refresh 03-20-2013 Multichannel News
Fox Trots U-verse Into `TV Everywhere` Dance 03-19-2013 Multichannel News
Fox Asks Judge to Stop Dish's New Ad-Skipper 02-21-2013 The Hollywood Reporter
Fox Asks Appeals Court to Halt Dish`s Ad-Skipping Technology 12-15-2012 Home Media Magazine
DVR Use One Factor in Networks` Low Ratings 12-03-2012 NY Times
Fox Broadcast app now available to Xbox Live customers with Dish and FiOS subscriptions 09-25-2012 Engadget
Fox to Offer Digital Movies Closer to Theatrical Release 09-07-2012 NY Times
Fox Asks for Injunction to Shut Down Dish Ad-Skipper 08-23-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
Fox Files Suit Against TV Streaming Service in Los Angeles 08-13-2012 Home Media Magazine
Cable One Connects As Fox`s Third `TV Everywhere` Partner 08-12-2012 Multichannel News
Bruising Blackout: A Prelude? 07-20-2012 WSJ
Panel: Piracy, Windows for TV Content Here to Stay 06-13-2012 Home Media Magazine
That`s a Wrap: Broadcasters Close Out Upfront Market 06-13-2012 AdWeek
Fox Attacks Dish Network`s Legal Moves Over Auto Hop 06-11-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
TV Content Ratings System Set to Expand to Web 06-11-2012 NY Times
TV Networks Warn of Web Start-Up`s Impact in Hearing 05-31-2012 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Broadcasters Dispute Aereo in Court Over TV Technology 05-30-2012 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
New York Judge Halts Fox Lawsuit Over Dish Ad-Skipper 05-30-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
Tim Kring Sets Web Series Linked to Fox`s `Touch` 05-24-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
Dish Network's AutoHop ad-skipping feature sparks lawsuits 05-24-2012 LA Times
TV nets wrap upfront week: `The biz still goes through us` 05-17-2012 Paid Content
At Upfront, Fox Shows Off Some New-Media Tricks 05-14-2012 NY Times - Media Decoder
Pursuing Advertisers With Big-Top Spectacle 05-14-2012 NY Times
TV Network Execs Take on Digital Video at 4A`s 03-29-2012 AdAge
Netflix Abandons Talks to Revive `Terra Nova` 03-26-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
Fox, NBC Universal will join Apple iCloud soon 03-08-2012 CNET - News.com
Yahoo inks deal to distribute `Burning Love` 03-01-2012 Variety
Embracing Cable`s Concept of Opening Night 01-16-2012 NY Times
Chinese Video Site Youku Makes Movie Deal With Twentieth Century Fox 01-11-2012 Paid Content
Microsoft Signs Xbox 360 Content Deal With News Corp. 01-10-2012 Home Media Magazine
ACA`s Polka: NFL Rights Deal Could Be `Calamity` for Consumers 12-16-2011 Multichannel News
NFL Inks Nine-Year Rights Renewals with CBS, Fox, NBC 12-15-2011 Multichannel News
`Glee,` `Sons of Anarchy` Added to Amazon Prime Instant Video Streaming Service 12-09-2011 The Hollywood Reporter
News Corp. COO Chase Carey wary of sports tiers 12-07-2011 LA Times
Netflix to Back `Arrested Development` 11-21-2011 NY Times
Fox Said Near Pact With Warner Bros. to Offer TV Shows Online 11-17-2011 Bloomberg
`X Factor` expands digital domain 11-17-2011 Variety
Verizon FiOS, Mediacom get Fox Online Programming 10-26-2011 Home Media Magazine
Fox taps Wertheimer as head of digital 10-26-2011 LA Times
Hulu Is Also Making a Play for the Arrested Development Mini-series 10-05-2011 Vulture
Fox in sneak peek barrage 09-06-2011 Variety
Apple Pulls the Plug on TV Rentals 08-29-2011 AllThingsD
Fox Urges Pay-TV Subs To Agitate For `TV Everywhere` Access 08-16-2011 Multichannel News
Time Warner Cable Lands Fox VOD Deal 08-15-2011 Multichannel News
Fox Affiliates Pleased With Network`s Plan For Limited Streaming 07-28-2011 B&C
How Fox`s New Video `Window` Helps Close the Door on TV`s Free Lunch 07-28-2011 AdAge
Fox Kicks Off the Great Web Video Piracy Boom of 2011 07-27-2011 AllThingsD
Hulu Grabs Streaming Rights to `Hell's Kitchen` 07-19-2011 B&C
With NBCU Digital Studio Closure, What`s Next for Network-Backed Web Series? 07-12-2011 AdAge
After early zeal, TV networks pull back Web series 07-11-2011 AP