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Title Date Source
TiVo Research: Smart TVs Deliver the Fastest Search and Discovery 01-16-2020 Multichannel News
TiVo to merge with Xperi to create ‘one of the largest licensing companies in the world’ 12-19-2019 The Verge
TiVo debuts the Edge DVR and TiVo+, its own livestreaming service 10-01-2019 Digital Trends
TiVo confirms its customers will soon see ads before DVR recordings 09-21-2019 The Verge
Comcast Ends Xfinity On Demand App on TiVo 05-24-2019 Multichannel News
YouTube TV Adds Extended DVR for Live Events 02-12-2019 Cord Cutter News
YouTube TV Adds Ability To Fast-Forward Through Ads On DVR’d Shows 10-05-2018 Tubefilter
Amazon Announces Fire TV Recast Network-Connected DVR for Cord Cutters 09-20-2018 Variety
DirecTV Now Set to Move Cloud DVR Out of Beta, Offer 120 Hours Storage as Add-On 08-23-2018 Multichannel News
Amazon Is Planning Live TV Recorder, Challenging TiVo 08-17-2018 Bloomberg
AT&T’s DirecTV Now live TV service launches a DVR, upgrades the app with new features 05-15-2018 TechCrunch
TiVo adds Alexa voice control to its DVRs 05-14-2018 TechCrunch
TiVo Exiting the Box-Making Business 05-10-2018 Multichannel News
AT&T Aims to Ease ‘Margin Pressure’ on OTT TV Services 04-26-2018 Multichannel News
TiVo/Google patent agreement covers YouTube TV 01-18-2018 Advanced Television
TiVo DVRs will take commands from Alexa and Google Assistant 01-11-2018 Engadget
Dish DVRs will soon work with Google Assistant 01-10-2018 Engadget
TiVo Bolt Vox is a voice-controlled 4K DVR starting at $200 10-24-2017 CNET
Sling TV extends cloud DVR to iOS devices 06-22-2017 Engadget
Comcast might have to pay TiVo after losing a patent dispute 06-12-2017 Engadget
Plex Live TV and DVR launches for subscribers 06-01-2017 Engadget
DVR dead, live TV dying among the young 04-16-2017 nScreenMedia
YouTube TV Will Force You to Watch Ads on Many DVR’d Shows 04-11-2017 WSJ
Sling TV Launches Cloud-Based DVR, For a Fee 03-09-2017 Home Media
Sling TV Expanding Cloud DVR Trial to More OTT Platforms 02-09-2017 Multichannel News
Sling TV Cloud DVR Trial Goes Live 12-15-2016 Multichannel News
TiVo appears to be testing cloud DVR recording 12-06-2016 Engadget
Netflix, TiVo Pact Goes Beyond Direct-Access 11-29-2016 Home Media
TiVo to Add Netflix Button to Remotes Under Broad Licensing Pact 11-29-2016 Variety
Sling TV takes on rivals with launch of a cloud DVR 11-28-2016 TechCrunch
TiVo Mavrik is an OTA Cloud DVR 11-08-2016 Zatz Not Funny
TiVo is working on a new DVR, but this one doesn’t plug into your TV 09-07-2016 Digital Trends
Nielsen: SVOD Penetration Catches DVRs 06-27-2016 Multichannel News
TiVo Bolt adds out-of-home streaming 06-03-2016 CNET
TV Viewing Up 7%, comScore Report Says 03-30-2016 B&C
TiVo Said to Be in Merger Talks With Rovi 03-24-2016 NY Times
81% of U.S. Homes Have DVR, Netflix or Use VOD 02-05-2016 Multichannel News
Tablo gives your Apple TV a DVR for live video 01-06-2016 Engadget
TiVo Bolt Adds Hulu, WWE to App Lineup 12-16-2015 Multichannel News
Verizon Now Allows TV Customers To Stream DVR Recordings Outside Of The Home 12-14-2015 TechCrunch
TiVo Commercial "SkipMode" Confirmed For Roamio 11-24-2015 Zatz Not Funny
TiVo Bolt review: getting smaller and faster has a price 10-18-2015 Engadget
TiVo Lightens Up 09-11-2015 Multichannel News
Gracenote launches DVR Extend for cable companies, keeps recording live sports that enter overtime 09-09-2015 Venture Beat
Cox Brings VOD to Retail TiVo Boxes 09-01-2015 Multichannel News
Xbox One is getting DVR features so you can record TV 08-04-2015 TNW
TiVo Adds AirPlay Support to Allow Streaming to Apple TV Via iOS Devices 07-14-2015 MacRumors
TiVo Names Head of Research & Analytics Unit 07-13-2015 Multichannel News
Binge-Viewing Is Becoming a Less Shameful Activity: Survey 06-30-2015 Variety
TiVo CEO Wants Cable Companies to Embrace Cord Cutting 06-25-2015 Variety
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