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Title Date Source
Brits (still) can't stream BBC iPlayer abroad 04-02-2018 Engadget
BBC iPlayer attracts record number of viewers in 2017 02-11-2018 Guardian
BBC iPlayer aims to be 'number one' online TV service, Lord Hall says 01-11-2017 BBC
BBC to launch new iPlayer streaming apps just for kids next year 09-25-2015 TNW
The BBC is shutting down iPlayer outside the UK from May 26 05-13-2015 TNW
BBC`s iPlayer redesign comes to a much wider range of TVs and set-top boxes 08-08-2014 Engadget
BBC iPlayer app now lets you pause Chromecast and pick up where you left off on a mobile device 04-02-2014 The Next Web
BBC revamps iPlayer with new web UI and greater focus on content discovery 03-11-2014 Engadget
Make iPlayer users pay the licence fee too, says BBC boss 02-27-2014 The Times
Tablet to dominate iPlayer TV requests by end of 2014 02-16-2014 nScreenMedia
BBC iPlayer breaks new record 01-29-2014 C21 Media
BBC`s iPlayer apps hit 20 million downloads, still aren`t coming to the US 10-24-2013 Engadget
Three more Android devices now support BBC iPlayer app`s offline viewing 10-11-2013 Engadget
BBC iPlayer to get 30-day catch-up, online channels 10-08-2013 CNET -
BBC iPlayer requests up by a fifth in August 09-30-2013 Digital TV Europe
BBC Three to debut new scripted comedy shows on iPlayer a full week before they make it to your TV 07-30-2013 The Next Web
For the first time, tablet use of BBC iPlayer has eclipsed mobile 04-19-2013 The Next Web
BBC commissions first iPlayer-exclusive drama, sees which way the wind is blowing 03-22-2013 Engadget
BBC iPlayer: tablet viewing requests nearly double in two months 03-04-2013 Guardian
BBC to launch programmes online first 02-08-2013 Telegraph
BBC iPlayer celebrates its 5th birthday with 77 million program requests over Christmas 2012 01-02-2013 The Next Web
BBC promises iPlayer and Media Player for Android will get better 12-13-2012 Engadget
BBC not bringing iPlayer or live streaming to Windows Phone, blames Microsoft 08-20-2012 Engadget
BBC iPlayer now available on Xbox 03-20-2012 BBC
Roku adds BBC iPlayer channel as it starts shipping in the UK 02-10-2012 Engadget
An Inside Look at How the BBC Created the Work for Its iPlayer 02-06-2012 AdAge
BBC iPlayer App`s iPhone Update Adds 500K New Users In A Week 12-20-2011 Paid Content
BBC brings global iPlayer iPad app to Canada, one step closer to the US 12-01-2011 Engadget
iPlayer tablet views up 15% 10-17-2011 Broadcast
The BBC`s iPlayer for TVs goes HTML5 08-09-2011 NewTeeVee
BBC iPlayer goes global with iPad app launch in 11 countries 07-28-2011 Guardian
Devices Do Matter, As BBC iPlayer Sets New Records 04-06-2011 NewTeeVee
Interview: BBC iPlayer Boss Says All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait 02-11-2011 Paid Content
BBC iPlayer App Coming to the iPad This Week 02-09-2011 NewTeeVee
The British are Coming: BBC Readies Global Launch of the iPlayer 11-16-2010
BBC iPlayer going international next year, will be either fee- or ad-supported 11-09-2010 Engadget
BBC iPlayer Gets More Social, Embedded on More Devices 09-08-2010 NewTeeVee
BBC adds radio, TV content to its iPlayer 06-26-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
Who will pay as the Internet grows? 06-10-2008 International Herald-Tribune
BBC`s iPlayer moves to Virgin 05-04-2008 Variety
BBC announces Nintendo Wii deal 04-10-2008 BBC News
BBC looks to video-search site Blinkx to boost iPlayer 03-23-2008 Guradian
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