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News for 'Online Publishers'

Title Date Source
The Young Turks Teams With Go90 for Climate Change Series 08-16-2017 The Hollywood Reporter
Poker Central Gets New Insight Into Audience After Going Direct-To-Consumer 08-14-2017 AdExchanger
Newsy Expanding Linear Reach on Layer3 TV 08-02-2017 B&C
Hungry for Video, Publishers Repackage Ads as Content 07-31-2017 WSJ
Business Insider is scaling on YouTube by cross-posting its Facebook videos 07-31-2017 Digiday
Magazines Embrace Facebook, Snapchat After Video Blunders 07-17-2017 WSJ
‘A general atmosphere of ambient dread’: Text journalists fear (and resent) The Great Pivot to Video 07-12-2017 Digiday
Sizing Up BuzzFeed: Could This Unicorn Ever Go Public? 06-20-2017 Variety
Publishers Pen A New Playbook For The Platform Era 06-20-2017 AdExchanger
The One Big Reason Why BuzzFeed Needs to Break Into TV 06-08-2017 Bloomberg
Facebook signs BuzzFeed, Vox, others for original video shows 05-24-2017 Reuters
There was something missing from the TV industry's sales extravaganza 05-22-2017 Business Insider
Quora tests video answers to steal Q&A from YouTube 05-22-2017 TechCrunch
How food brand Tasty is a template for BuzzFeed’s vertical expansion 05-22-2017 Digiday
Sharing skills, Vox and ProPublica are teaming up on video production 05-15-2017 Nieman Lab
Spiegel Online has a 10-person Snapchat Discover team 05-08-2017 Digiday
How BuzzFeed and Mondelez Brought Healthy Food Videos to the Masses 04-28-2017 WSJ
BuzzFeed’s Latest Viral Craze: Ex-Staffers Bashing the Company on YouTube 04-26-2017 Variety
How the Daily Dot uses Facebook video to sell aquariums and flux capacitors 04-19-2017 Digiday
Mic Hires Jonathan Carson, Former Vevo and Nielsen Exec, as President Amid Video Push 04-13-2017 Variety
Video Site Dailymotion To Refocus Its Efforts On Premium Content 04-10-2017 Tubefilter
Digital Publisher Mic Raises $21 Million in Series C Round 04-07-2017 WSJ
BuzzFeed’s Tasty Is Experimenting With Long-Form Video, and Toyota’s Along for the Ride 04-05-2017 Adweek
Inside Cheddar, the Would-Be CNBC of the Internet 03-30-2017 Wired
Vice to Produce Original Snapchat Shows, Starting With Action Bronson’s Dating Series 03-14-2017 Variety
Condé Nast Joins NBCU-Vox Ad Network; Are BuzzFeed, Snapchat Next? 03-09-2017 Variety
IGN Publisher Ziff Davis Rewrites Its Video Playbook 03-07-2017 AdExchanger
NBCUniversal, BuzzFeed Co-Developing TV Content 02-14-2017 WSJ
Vox Media Names First COO as Focus Turns to Video, Native Ads 02-06-2017 Bloomberg
Why Bleacher Report has 11 people dedicated to Snapchat Discover 12-22-2016 Digiday
CNN Isn’t Happy NowThis Posted Its Election Coverage Clip to Facebook and Twitter 11-10-2016 WSJ
How Nat Geo and other publishers repurpose video for multiple platforms 11-08-2016 Digiday
Just 15 months old, Tasty is driving BuzzFeed video 10-24-2016 Digiday
Tastemade Shares Its Recipe For Becoming A Platform Publisher 10-19-2016 AdExchanger
BuzzFeed's shift to video extends to UK 10-18-2016 Digiday
'Tonight Show' Producer Gavin Purcell Jumps to Vox Media 10-17-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
How The Atlantic uses an underwriter model to fund video projects 09-20-2016 Digiday
Why Vox Media Is Embracing New Platforms Like VR and 360 Video 09-15-2016 Adweek
BuzzFeed Regroups as Media Turns Video-Centric 09-05-2016 NY Times
The Rise of Video Is Making 2016 a Weird Year to Be a Digital Publisher 08-26-2016 New York
BuzzFeed Divides Its News and Entertainment Divisions in Company-Wide Reorganization 08-23-2016 Vanity Fair
Why you can now quit your job to make Snapchat videos 08-14-2016 The Washington Post
Insider’s Nicholas Carlson on how to get 1.5 billion video views in a month 07-29-2016 Digiday
Why BuzzFeed Is Finally (OMG!) Going Hollywood 07-14-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
Warner Bros., BuzzFeed Team for 'Brother Orange' Movie 07-11-2016 The Hollywood Reporter
It's crowded in the digital kitchen, but Tastemade's not fazed 06-22-2016 Mashable
Young Hollywood Focuses On Video Ad Quality As It Ramps Up PMP Deals 06-03-2016 AdExchanger
A YouTube billionaire, Motor Trend revs up for Facebook Live 06-05-2016 Digiday
PopSugar's Snapchat Audience Is Growing, But Ad Revenue Is An Open Question 06-03-2016 WSJ
Can BuzzFeed News survive the shift to video? 05-24-2016 CNN Money