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Title Date Source
Latino Video Network MiTu Raises $15 Million 02-04-2015 Recode
Why The Least-Talked-About Aspect Of The Dish Sling TV Is The Most Important One 01-29-2015 TechCrunch
Disney`s Maker Studios Struggles to Migrate Its Audience To 01-23-2015 WSJ
Multi-channel video network Whistle Sports grabs $28M 01-13-2015 Venture Beat
How YouTube MCNs are Conquering Hollywood 12-15-2014 REDEF
AwesomenessTV Plans Subscription Business 12-15-2014 AdAge
Hearst Joins DreamWorks in AwesomenessTV Venture 12-11-2014 WSJ
Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos on Premium Content and Making Viewers Pay 12-05-2014 Recode
Investors Have Spent $1.65 Billion On Multi-Channel Networks To Date 12-01-2014 Tubefilter
YouTube MCNs Present Opportunities For Telcos And TV Companies 11-15-2014 AdExchanger
BuzzMyVideos Raises $2.5 Million To Scale Up Its European Network 11-12-2014 Tubefilter
YouTube Network Fullscreen To Acquire Rooster Teeth 11-10-2014 Tubefilter
Machinima CEO Unveils YouTube Network`s Rebrand 11-10-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Maker Studios Mining Opportunities at Disney 11-06-2014 Variety
How StyleHaul Built a YouTube Network on Branded Entertainment, Not Google Ads 11-05-2014 WSJ
It`s a good time to run a big YouTube network 11-04-2014 Digiday
It`s Official: RTL Group Buys Controlling Stake In StyleHaul For $107 Million 11-03-2014 Tubefilter
Sky Sports Invests $7 Million In YouTube Network Whistle Sports 10-29-2014 Tubefilter
RTL Group Nears Acquisition of StyleHaul 10-24-2014 Variety
Morgan Spurlock Praises Short-Form Digital as `More Lucrative and More Exciting` Than Traditional Mediums 10-14-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
YouTube: Maker Studios says short-form stars `inventing a new medium` 10-13-2014 Guardian
Disney Channel to Bring Maker Studios` YouTube Stars to TV 10-12-2014 Variety
PewDiePie `Really Happy` With The Work Maker Studios Has Been Doing 10-07-2014 Tubefilter
YouTube`s Biggest Star Wants His Own Network 10-03-2014 WSJ - Digits
Maker Studios to Produce Latino Programming With MiTu 09-23-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Peter Chernin, AT&T to Buy Majority Stake in YouTube Network Fullscreen 09-22-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Machinima`s new CEO brought friends. Like Superman (Q&A) 09-21-2014 CNET
Tastemade`s Fall Lineup Attracts Big Advertisers Without Ad Sales 09-19-2014 WSJ
Maker Studios` 45 Million Monthly Unique US Viewers Top All Networks 09-18-2014 Tubefilter
YouTube Network for Women Raises $12 Million 09-18-2014 Adweek
Maker Studios `Mostly a Distribution Play` for Disney 09-10-2014 Variety
Whistle Sports Network Hires Ex-YouTube Exec To Open Up Shop In London 09-04-2014 Tubefilter
Kohl`s Partners With DreamWorks Unit to Market to Teens 09-03-2014 WSJ
Inside StyleHaul, the Largest Fashion Network on YouTube You’ve Never Heard Of 08-24-2014 The Daily Beast
Why YouTube MCNs are hot 08-17-2014 nScreenMedia
StyleHaul Next Big MCN Sale? Amazon, Fox, Hearst Approach 08-12-2014 Variety
YouTube`s Top Fitness Channel Blogilates is Part of StyleHaul`s Network 08-12-2014 WSJ
After Sale to Disney, Maker Studios` Last Two Founders Leave 08-07-2014 Recode
Maker Studios Snags AOL, Yahoo Execs for Original Content Division 08-04-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
PewDiePie launches official iPhone app for his YouTube fans 08-01-2014 Guardian
Chernin and AT&T Set to Buy Control of Fullscreen YouTube Network 07-23-2014 Recode
Fullscreen to Produce Live YouTube Concert 07-18-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Maker Studios Names Chief Advertising Officer 07-16-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
European MCN MediaKraft Networks Raises $23 Million Financing Round 07-11-2014 Tubefilter
YouTube Net AwesomenessTV Steals TV Spend for Royal Caribbean Series 06-30-2014 AdAge
Fullscreen`s George Strompolos Announces $10 Million Original Programming Investment 06-26-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Maker Gen Creates Home for Rising Stars Across the Web 06-26-2014 Adweek
Tasty Funding: Tastemade Raises $25 Million More from Scripps and Moves to Android 06-26-2014 Recode
Latino YouTube Network MiTu Raises $10 Million 06-19-2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Maybelline Puts Lipstick On YouTube Network StyleHaul 06-06-2014 AdAge