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  • Happy Holidays, See You in 2013

    Once again, it has been an exciting year in the world of online video and great fun to report on and analyze the year's significant happenings. I know you have many choices concerning what to read, and so I want to thank you for spending time with VideoNuze. It's a pleasure to engage with you and get feedback on my posts - favorable or otherwise!

    2013 is shaping up to be another transformative year for online video and the larger video ecosystem. Led by the proliferation of viewing devices, shifting consumer behaviors, innovative business models and evolving technologies, much change is still ahead. I look forward to covering all of it and interacting with many of you along the way.

    I also want to say thank you to all of VideoNuze's sponsors in 2012 - on the web site, email and live events. They are critical to VideoNuze's success and I am deeply appreciative for their support.

    I'll be taking some R&R next week, and won't be posting anything new unless some big news breaks, which is unlikely. I'd like to wish you and your families a happy, healthy holiday season and all the best in 2013!

  • June 24th Webinar on Online Video Syndication

    Next Wednesday, June 24th at 1:30pm EDT / 10:30am PDT, I'll be presenting in a free webinar, "Demystifying Online Video Syndication." Video syndication continues to be one of the key trends in the online video market. I'll be sharing thoughts on where syndication is heading and where the main opportunities and challenges lie.

    I've been writing about the emergence of the "syndicated video economy" for over a year now and during this time syndication has continued to grow in importance for all video content producers and technology providers.

    The webinar is sponsored by Grab Networks, whose co-president Marcien Jenckes will present information about its grabMediaOS solution that enables a "Create Once, Publish Anywhere" business model. Grab works with hundreds of content providers and is one of the primary players in driving the video syndication market.

    We have 260+ people registered for the webinar already, but there's plenty of room left. If you're trying to understand the syndication opportunity and identify the right solutions to fit your needs, this webinar is for you!

    Register now for this free webinar

  • CTAM NY Blue Ribbon Breakfast is On Tap

    I'm really looking forward to moderating the CTAM NY chapter's annual Blue Ribbon Breakfast on Wednesday morning at Gotham Hall. The session is entitled, Over the Top TV....Can Broadband Video Be Cable's Newest Opportunity?"

    We have a world-class group of panelists:

    • Bruce Campbell, President, Digital Media and Business Development, Discovery Communications
    • Dallas Clement, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development, Cox Communications
    • David Eun, Vice President, Content Partnerships, Google
    • Herb Scannell, CEO & Co-Founder, Next New Networks
    • Matt Strauss, Senior Vice President, New Media, Comcast

    The event has been sold out for 2 weeks and CTAM just figured out a way to shoehorn in another 25 people from the waitlist, bringing the overall attendance to 460+.

    It's going to be an amazing event. The cable industry – both operators and programmers – are right in the middle of the whole broadband video revolution. Their actions will have a big impact on the course and pace of the industry's future.

    CTAM is recording the event to podcast it, and I'll be sharing my observations in this space as well.

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