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  • IRIS.TV and SpotX Bring Contextual Targeting Segments to CTV

    IRIS.TV and SpotX (part of Magnite) announced this morning they’re partnering to offer industry-standard contextual targeting segments to SpotX’s video ad supply. The move will give ad buyers the ability to target and verify the category of video on all screens.

    SpotX will be able to give ad buyers access to video-level metadata that has been “IRIS-enabled” for targeting in CTV and digital video, driving more value for content owners, especially in in brand-safe CTV where viewership is soaring and ad performance is superior.

    Noting the challenges the partnership will overcome, SpotX’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships Kristen William said, “Our clients have been demanding increased visibility into the content they are advertising in, but access to contextual data is extremely complicated as it comes in a variety of formats as well as being locked behind content management systems and video players.”

    For more on how IRIS.TV enables video data for contextual segmentation to create more value for both ad buyers and content owners, see my interview below with VP of Publisher Partnerships Lauren Gabriele. Lauren will also be moderating a session at this week’s VideoNuze Connected TV Ad Summit virtual “Targeting in CTV: The New Data Paradigm,” with Xumo, Index Exchange and Icon Media Direct.

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  • IRIS.TV’s VP of Publisher Partnerships Lauren Gabriele Explains Role of Contextual Data in CTV

    IRIS.TV’s VP of Publisher Partnerships Lauren Gabriele explains the role of contextual data in connected TV inventory in the 10 minute interview below. Lauren notes that ad buyers considering CTV inventory are focused on brand safety, transparency, measurement and attribution, especially relatively to traditional linear TV.

    Content providers can address these areas by enabling improved contextual analysis of their video segments which Lauren believes can be a a strong signal of brand safety. Lauren provides examples of how content providers, especially in news, are doing this already, helping unlock value in their CTV inventory.

    To learn more, attend the session Lauren is moderating at next week’s VideoNuze Connected TV Ad Summit virtual, “Targeting in CTV: The New Data Paradigm” with panelists from Xumo, Index Exchange and Icon Media Direct. Registration is complimentary and you can win a Roku TV and Streaming Soundbar.

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  • Interview with Field Garthwaite, CEO & Co-founder, IRIS.TV

    Continuing our series of periodic short interviews with industry thought-leaders about the the pandemic's impact, I'm pleased to share a Q&A with Field Garthwaite, CEO and Co-Founder of IRIS.TV. Read on to learn Field's perspective on how COVID has affected the video marketplace, why connected TV has benefited, what video publishers can do to better monetize their inventory and what the critical upcoming challenges.

    VideoNuze: How has COVID affected the video marketplace overall?
    Field Garthwaite: While overall, publishers are seeing large increases in user engagement across web, mobile, and Connected TV (CTV) there are also several additional trends unique to the pandemic:

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  • IRIS.TV Helps The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard More Than Double Its Video Views

    Video personalization engine IRIS.TV has helped The Hollywood Reporter- Billboard Media Group more than double its video views from 80 million in October ’16 to 210 million in February ’17. Most of the viewership is on owned and operated properties. In a briefing, John Amato, President, Entertainment Group and Michael Palmer, GM, Video, told me that the key has been using IRIS.TV’s technology to drive longer session lengths with viewers watching two to four videos instead of just one.

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  • IRIS.TV Intros SmartStreaming to Drive Higher Video Views

    IRIS.TV is officially launching its SmartStreaming product to help content providers drive more video views per viewer. SmartStreaming plugs into online video platforms so they can offer their content customers thumbs up/down and skip buttons in their video players, giving viewers more control over their video experiences. As they engage with these buttons, SmartStreaming learns their preferences and presents subsequent recommended videos.

    The first OVPs that have integrated SmartStreaming are Brightcove, Kaltura and Unicorn Media. Field Garthwaite, CEO told me in a briefing that SmartStreaming is also compatible with thePlatform and JW Player from LongTail Video.

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