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  • Five More Industry Leaders Partner with ELEVATE: Tremor Media, FreeWheel, YuMe, Collective and The Fortex Group

    I'm pleased to share news this morning that five more leading companies in the online video industry have partnered with ELEVATE: Online Video Advertising Summit on Tuesday, June 7th, in NYC: Tremor Media (Title Partner), FreeWheel and YuMe (Premier Partners), Collective (Exhibitor Partner) and The Fortex Group (Marketing Partner). Each of these companies has distinguished itself in its own way, and we are delighted to have their support for ELEVATE. We are working closely with each of these companies to integrate their CEOs into appropriate sessions at ELEVATE where they will share insights and best practices.

    We are making great progress with ELEVATE and the program is continuing to take shape. Our partners - and others in the industry - are providing terrific input on the program, and we'll be announcing high-profile participants in the days and weeks ahead. Plus, keep an eye out in the coming days for the official release of the Will Richmond/Marc Sternberg ELEVATE video, sure to be a viral hit. And for a sneak peek of what to expect at ELEVATE, please join us on May 18th for our "VideoSchmooze" networking event at Gstaad in NYC in partnership with Kantar Video and The Fortex Group.

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  • Guess What? This Cord Cutter Family Story Has a Happy Ending for The Cable Company

    Today VideoNuze features a guest post from Ephraim Cohen, founder and managing partner of The Fortex Group, a public relations firm with many clients in the online video and social media industries. Ephraim has also become a good friend through his firm's work on past VideoSchmooze events and the upcoming ELEVATE conference.

    As a VideoNuze reader, Ephraim was inspired to think about and share his own family's experience and changing behaviors with video. As you read it, you'll no doubt get the sense that this is still an early adopter's behavior pattern, with some technical knowledge required to make everything work. However, to me, a key takeaway is that for entertainment-only consumers, expanding choice will inevitably cause them to consider their video options and seek better experiences. Even more important, as Ephraim explains, this can actually be a surprisingly good thing for cable operators which ready to adapt to these new realities. Read on to learn more.

    Guess What? This Cord Cutter Family Story Has a Happy Ending for The Cable Company

    by Ephraim Cohen

    Sure, my home is a virtual consumer electronics lab - all the major game consoles on one main TV, two Rokus, Android and iOS devices and other gadgets. But other than me, we are, tech-wise, a normal family with three youngsters. So cutting the cord had to work for everyone, not just me.

    And everyone is happy, mainly due to a well-designed system by our main OTT platforms, Roku and the Playstation 3, and viewing habits built around video-on-demand.  Even our three year-old knows how to find her show using the Roku remote to watch the same Garfield over and over and over and over.

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