• WSJ Live Now Producing 100 Hours/Month of Original Programming [VIDEO]

    One of the highlights of the recent VideoNuze 2012 Online Video Advertising Summit was the session with Alisa Bowen, Head of Product for Dow Jones (and formerly GM of the Wall Street Digital Network). Alisa is now responsible for all of the company's digital consumer products and had previously overseen WSJ Live, the company's burgeoning video initiative. WSJ is defying the conventional wisdom that newspapers are in inevitable decline by showing how video can help re-invent the brand and leverage existing assets.

    WSJ Live has gained huge momentum since its launch last fall, and now includes 14 different original programs, totaling 100 hours per month, which generate 10.4 million streams per month and are distributed across 20 different platforms (Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs, etc.). As Alisa explains, all of this has allowed WSJ to reach its audience in different environments, with an experience that is more aligned with users' expectations when they're using a particular device. I continue to think of WSJ Live as an outstanding template for other print publishers to follow.

    Among other topics Alisa addresses are:

    - Which devices perform the best

    - How advertisers have reacted

    - How the WSJ thinks about production values and how the audience has reacted when video isn't quite as polished as the newspaper

    - What the remaining challenges are for online video's growth and acceptance

    - How the WSJ's 2,000 journalists have reacted to the opportunity to be on camera

    - What the international rollout strategy is for WSJ Live

    Plus much more.