• "TV Is An App" - News Corp.'s Chief Digital Officer Jon Miller [VIDEO]

    Interviewed by the NY Times' Amy Chozick at last week's VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit, News Corp.'s Chief Digital Officer Jon Miller summed up his view of the future of TV by saying that "TV is an app." Jon believes that watching programs will become "screen agnostic" with consumers expecting consistency in experience and choices.

    That said, Jon doesn't anticipate a proliferation of successful TV apps at the scale of what we've seen in the tablet/smartphone world; rather he envisions a hierarchy of just a few aggregators (e.g. Hulu, Netflix, HBO, etc.) leading the way. He also doesn't envision an a la carte future any time soon. Although consumers say they value lots of choices, Jon points to examples where this actually leads to consumer fatigue.

    In the wide-ranging interview, Jon also discussed:

    - How ad dollars are flowing to online video and why Hulu has emerged as a leader among premium content providers.

    - Why he believes "This is the year for channelization of the web" and how YouTube's original content efforts are beginning to succeed.

    - What the definition of a "network" is in an online world.

    - The reasons behind so many A-list celebrities getting involved with online-only originals.

    - Why a $15/month direct-to-consumer HBO GO product would be a "killer app," but would be so disruptive to the pay-TV ecosystem

    Plus lots of other topics.