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  • Videology’s Advanced TV Primer Demystifies Proliferating Ad Options

    Viewers are watching TV on more devices than ever. While this makes viewers’ lives more convenient and enjoyable, for advertisers, it has created massive new challenges to keep up. The good news however, is that with the rise of digital delivery, the ability to get ever closer to the advertiser’s nirvana of one-to-one, highly targeted ads, is becoming more realistic.

    To help advertisers understand the range of advanced TV ad options, Videology released a handy primer late last week.

    The primer explores 6 different ways that advanced TV ads can be delivered today: data-enabled TV, addressable linear TV, connected TV, TV content consumed on a PC and TV content consumed on a mobile phone or tablet. For each, the primer explains what it is, how it works, targeting, benefits, measurement and Videology’s solution. Finally, the primer looks at what’s coming next for TV, with a focus on skinny bundles’ growing role in the industry.

    Videology said research it will be releasing soon shows that 79% of advertisers and agencies intend to use advanced linear TV (including data-enabled TV and addressable TV) in the next 12 months and 71% plan to use connected TV advertising.

    The primer is a useful guide for anyone who’s trying to figure out how to deliver ads more effectively, in this fast-changing environment. You can download a copy of the primer as well.

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