• Videology Launches DETVgo as Free On-Ramp for Advanced TV Ad Buying

    Late last week Videology announced DETVgo, a free product that allows ad buyers to begin using data-enabled TV advertising to target specific audiences and then build and optimize media plans. Stacy Daft, Videology’s GM, Enterprise Business Development, told me in a briefing that DETVgo gives ad buyers a low barrier path for trying data-enabled TV ad buying.

    All of the major TV networks are investing heavily in data enablement of their ad inventory to help buyers more precisely target audiences. This is a critical step as big digital players, including Google and Facebook, have ramped up their video initiatives to grab a share of TV ad spending.

    DETVgo users can build their target audiences by tapping into over 60K data segments. When the audience has been identified, DETVgo creates a TV media plan based on specified parameters and available, verified inventory. Key performance indicators include total impression delivery, total reach or audience composition. If the ad buyer chooses to proceed, they sign an insertion order and the campaign runs.

    Because DETVgo runs on Videology’s enterprise platform the UI and experience is comparable, although certain advanced enterprise features aren’t fully enabled. In addition to the targeting and workflow benefits, DETVgo is also a path toward programmatic transactions for TV advertising.

    Stacy said there’s been substantial interest in trying DETVgo from agencies of all sizes. The company has been providing the first set of logins this week and will be ramping going forward. Stacy said that as buyers begin using DETVgo, it gives Videology an opportunity to engage them and learn more about their objectives with an eye toward potentially upgrading to the enterprise platform.

    DETVgo seems like a really smart approach to getting data-enabled technology into buyers’ hands with no commitment required. Although TV networks are eager to roll out improved targeting, things can only move at the pace of buyer adoption. As DETVgo is more widely used, the advanced advertising market should accelerate, a positive step for the TV ecosystem which is striving to remain competitive.

    (Note: Videology’s CEO and Founder Scott Ferber will be participating in our 3rd annual SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit on Nov. 29th where TV networks’ data initiatives will be a key topic of conversation. Register now and save!)