• Tribune Launches Video Syndication Network Powered by Beachfront Media

    Tribune Publishing, seeking to leverage its deep roots in content syndication, has unveiled TCA Video Network, a new multiscreen video syndication service. TCA Video Network is part of Tribune Content Agency, which is a division of Tribune Publishing.

    TCA Video Network is powered by Beachfront Media whose founder and CEO Frank Sinton told me that the deal gives Tribune access to the full breadth of Beachfront’s syndication, monetization and mobile app development platforms. Frank emphasized that Beachfront has been fully focused on mobile, which, along with data, are core to TCA Video Network’s strategy.

    In particular, TCA will use a white-labeled version of the Beachfront Reach SaaS platform to support distribution of both TCA-licensed video and also Beachfront-licensed video to its network. TCA said that it will offer over 1,000 new videos per day from over 150 different content providers, including AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, Morningstar and others. Genres include breaking news, entertainment, business and financial news, lifestyle and how-to video which will be curated by TCA staff.

    Frank also noted that Beachfront’s analytics will provide full transparency into publisher and asset-level performance, the ability to calculate revenue shares and provide secure content access.

    Frank characterized the TCA win as a “marquee deal” for Beachfront, and also a reflection of it recently adding Justin Fadgen as the company’s VP of Business Development. Justin is an online video veteran of Rhythm New Media, Grab Media and AOL. I recently spoke to Justin who emphasized Beachfront’s overall solution approach and transparency/analytics are key company differentiators.

    The Beachfront IO programmatic ad platform will enable TCA to monetize across platforms and sites via direct sold as well as RTB and private markets powered by Beachfront. Because cookies don’t work in mobile, Beachfront has been using Apple’s IDFA and Google’s Advertising ID to enable targeting, a critical feature for TCA.

    Last, TCA will gain access to the Beachfront Builder mobile/OTT video app development kit for publishers to create custom apps on Android, iOS, Roku and Amazon Fire platforms.

    As long-time VideoNuze readers know, I’ve been writing about the concept of a “Syndicated Video Economy” for years. In this model, high-quality video is distributed widely to publishers seeking both the video content and its higher CPMs. By accessing video from syndicators, the publishers avoid creating expensive video themselves. This is the model TCA is pursuing, leveraging the explosion of mobile and proliferation of data to add further value.