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  • Delivers Programmatic Video Ads For Mobile Apps

    Addressing a need for improved video advertising in mobile apps, Beachfront Media has released the latest version of its video ad platform, including programmatic features such as real-time bidding for public marketplaces and support for private marketplaces. Advertisers will be able to bid on in-app mobile inventory only available via includes ad targeting across age, gender, location and platform. A key new feature is "Predictive Analysis," which allows advertisers to forecast their campaign for target audiences and then optimize accordingly. Frank Sinton, Beachfront's CEO and founder, told me that another big differentiator vs. online ad platforms expanding into mobile is sub-millisecond ad load time, which provides for a much more seamless user experience.

    With, programmatic trading desks are accessible, as are over 15 integrated video ad networks and video ad exchanges. Frank highlighted free-to-play mobile game developers as a target market. These developers have relied mainly on in-app purchases (which have low adoption) and incentivized video viewing (which brand advertisers aren't interested in) for monetization. Now these game developers can create pre-roll and interstitial inventory, which can be sold programmatically and with low impact to game players.

    Mobile video advertising is going to be riding a huge wave in the coming years, partly due to the expected success of the larger screen size iPhone 6 models, as I wrote earlier this week. Tools like are well-placed to help both publishers and advertisers fully capitalize on audience growth.

    (Note: Beachfront is a VideoNuze sponsor)

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