• Super Bowl Streaming Soars to 5.7 Million Viewers

    The average minute audience for Super Bowl LV was a record 5.7 million viewers across all digital platforms according to data released by CBS Sports. This year’s streaming viewership was up approximately 67% from last year’s 3.4 million when the game was broadcast on Fox. It’s also over double the 2.6 million streaming viewers for the game two years ago, the last time it was broadcast by CBS.

    CBS Sports also said that viewers consumed over one billion streaming minutes, a first for Super Bowl viewing. CBS All Access also enjoyed a record day for new subscribers, unique devices, streams and time spent viewing. The game featured lots of clever ads for Paramount+, which launches on March 4th and will fold in CBS All Access.

    According to data from Conviva, Roku received 41% share of streaming attempts, followed by Amazon Fire TV (24%), Apple TV (12%) and Samsung (8%), with no other device receiving 5%. Conviva found that peak viewing occurred near the end of the first half. Conviva also shared a number of streaming quality statistics that pointed to a relatively high quality experience for most who tried to stream. Conviva monitored minute-by-minute viewing on 12 streaming apps and virtual pay-TV operators in the Americas and Europe. Later today it will also release ad viewership and engagement data.

    Meanwhile, Nielsen reported that the broadcast TV audience for Super Bowl LV was approximately 92 million, down from approximately 101 million last year. It was also the least watched broadcast since Super Bowl XL in 2006 which drew approximately 91 million broadcast viewers. Of course the game will still be this year’s most-viewed TV event in the U.S. Depending on what happens with the Olympics, it could also have the highest number of average streaming viewers.