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  • Research: Millennials More Likely to Share Video Ads But Also More Likely to Tune Them Out

    New research from video ad tech provider Unruly highlights the opportunities and challenges advertisers have in reaching 18-34 year-old audiences with video ads.

    The good news for advertisers is that millennials are 112% more likely than the average viewer to share the ads they like. Getting them to do so hinges on the ad capturing the zeitgeist. Fortunately, millennials are 25% more likely than the average viewer to feel inspired by video ads and 27% more likely to feel happy. They are also 23% more likely to enjoy relevant ads.

    Net, net, if advertisers hit the mark with their creative, they’ll have winning viral campaigns.

    Of course, doing so is no easy feat as the research amply showed. For example, 93% of millennials are considering ad blockers and 59% think there are too many ads. Meanwhile, 84% of millennials regularly mute video ads. But the highest bar for success is authenticity: 74% of millennials lose trust in a brand if an ad “feels fake.” In an era when YouTube stars have dramatically raised the standard for what’s considered “authentic,” the bar has become quite high for advertisers.

    One other thing the research doesn’t touch on, but is also critical to understand, is the rise of ad-free SVOD services like Netflix and Amazon. Viewers are increasingly understanding how enjoyable a gripping TV show is when uninterrupted by ads. This isn’t trivial: one estimate suggests the average Netflix subscriber avoids around 160 hours of ads per year.  

    Bottom line, when ads ARE included they need to be even MORE compelling to connect for millennials.

    The research results can be downloaded here.

    (Note, at our June 14th VideoNuze Online Video Ad Summit, successfully reaching millennials will be one of the topics addressed by Hershey’s Head of Global Integrated Media Charlie Chappell and American Express’ Director of US Media Brenley Higgins in their respective sessions. Save now on early bird registration and win a 55-inch TCL 4K Roku TV!)

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