• Next-Gen Video Service Sky Q Gets Boost from AirTies Mesh Technology

    Sky Q, which is Sky’s next-generation video service launching in 2016, will incorporate AirTies mesh technology to facilitate whole home pay-TV service on multiple devices. With AirTies mesh technology in Sky Q’s set-top boxes, routers and accessory devices, each is turned into a hot spot, so that linear, OTT and recorded video can be accessed on screens even in harder-to-reach locations in the home.

    One of Sky Q’s distinguishing features is “Fluid Viewing,” which enables subscribers to watch on 5 devices at the same time, while recording 4 other channels, moving from viewing on one screen to viewing on another, and downloading recordings to tablets. Basically the idea is to make video accessible anywhere in the home and on any device.

    The AirTies mesh technology is optimized for mobile devices, which present special WiFi challenges, as they are moved around the house. The approach also overcomes architectural obstacles like thick walls that impede WiFi range.

    The Sky Q news is concurrent with AirTies announcing a new hybrid mesh networking approach that combines WiFi with wired networking via powerline, MoCa over coax and Ethernet. AirTies software determines the optimal combination of wired and WiFi to send packets across the network.

    All of this is important because viewers are increasingly seeking enhanced access to video in their homes, the ability to move video from one room to another via mobile devices and the ability to take video with them when out of the home.