• NBCUniversal Announces First-Party Data Hub and ID

    At its ONE21 developer conference this morning, NBCUniversal announced plans to launch its NBCU Audience insights Hub, which will contain all of its first-party audience data. The “proprietary data clean room” will give authorized partners permission to run restricted queries across their and NBCU’s audience data without exposing users’ personally identifiable information.

    Using the NBCU data, partners will be able to discover overlaps in their audiences to drive better targeting and cross-platform campaign planning. Partners will gain access to NBCU’s linear TV APIs and certified reach measurement models to improve efficiency and effectiveness. NBCU plans to add to its measurement capabilities so that partners can do their own self-service multi-platform attribution. The clean room framework is being powered by Snowflake and VideoAmp is the first measurement partner to be integrated.

    Related, NBCU is creating “NBCU ID,” a single deterministic ID. NBCU ID is based on all of the company’s first-party data across its TV networks, devices, apps and Parks and Resorts. NBCU ID is intended to improve user experiences for both consumer and partners. It will also be a way for partners to match second and third-party data sets used in conjunction with One Platform, the company’s advertising and partnerships tech stack.

    The broader goal of these initiatives is “to create a more automated, more self-service, more data-driven future for partners, helping advertisers meet their key KPIs and create real business impact…” according to the company. NBCUniversal is pursuing a strategy driven by the intersection of broadband, aggregation and streaming, according to Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Global Advertising and Partnerships.

    Other items NBCUniversal announced this morning:

    Programmatic buying using data-driven automated activation is being enabled on Peacock for partners to use as part of their cross-platform campaigns.

    FreeWheel has launched its FreeWheel Certified Partner Program intended to foster interoperability in technology, data, demand and supply.

    Expansion of One Platform Commerce in Instagram and Facebook apps in combination with over 100 retail partners.

    New partnership with The Trade Desk to enable commerce on connected TVs using NBCU’s Engagement Ad format.

    Peacock to expand range of interactive shopping moments using NBCU’s ShoppableTV format.