• More Nuze on Branded Entertainment

    Hey, maybe I should go into scripted programming...no sooner did I post "Branded Entertainment is Upon Us" this morning, than AdAge is running "Dorm-Life Opens Doors to Initiative."

    The piece is all about how Initiative Media has partnered with the webisode's producer, Attention Span Media to do secure sponsor tie-ins. Initiative sports clients such as Carl's Jr, Cadbury-Schweppes and Victoria's Secret, all of whom are no doubt eager to reach the program's target audience.

    Echoing the theme of my post, and Shelly Lazarus's presentation at NATPE yesterday, AdAge quotes Jon Haber, director of Initiative Media's innovations department as follows: "...for your advertising to be noticed, your advertising has to be content."

    Yes, the age of branded entertainment is clearly upon us.

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