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  • Mixpo Launches Video Ad Verification Tool VideoVerify

    Multiscreen video ad solution provider Mixpo is introducing today VideoVerify, a new video ad verification tool to combat fraud and substantiate video ad quality. VideoVerify assesses, in real-time, the quality of non-premium, long-tail video ad inventory on video ad exchanges. Based on data that VideoVerify provides, media buyers can block suspicious sites, or conversely, increase exposure on well-performing sites.

    VideoVerify works by comparing current ad behaviors against a database of benchmarks Mixpo has built from hundreds of billions of video ad impression records over the past few years. The database includes in-stream, in-banner and in-app ad formats. Mixpo noted that this big data analysis has only recently become possible, and is enabled using Amazon's Redshift cloud-based data warehouse service.

    The VideoVerify analysis results in a "Campaign Health Report" which provides to buyers site-by-site transparency for performance, viewability, fraud detection and audience verification. VideoVerify creates a heat map for buyers showing where and how often their ads appeared on sites. It also breaks down video ad views by geography and demographic, using Nielsen data, along with mobile device types.

    Mixpo is also a member of Open VideoView, the industry's open source video viewability solution. Earlier this year VINDICO introduced its Adtricity product to also provide video ad quality assurance. Both VideoVerify and Adtricity help buyers quickly determine whether their ads are actually reaching the audience they're intended for, or whether there are deviations, and if so, what they are. This ultimately reduces waste and leads to improved ROIs.

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