• Hey Jason Kilar: You Should Go Back to Amazon and Compete Against Netflix

    Not that Hulu's CEO Jason Kilar has asked for or needs my career advice, but in light of his controversial "speaking truth to power" blog post on the future of TV, which has wags all over the industry saying his tenure at Hulu is all but over, I'll offer it up anyway: he should go back to Amazon (where he was prior to Hulu) and run their soon-to-be-launched video subscription business that will compete directly against Netflix.

    I'm completely serious - he is the ideal guy to do this. Having run Hulu for the last 3 1/2 years, he knows all the industry's key players, their motivations and how to do deals with them. He also knows the data on how people use services like Hulu, and importantly online subscription services Hulu Plus. Amazon is in a formidable position to compete against Netflix and if Amazon is really committed, it could give him all the resources he could possibly need to make them a major player. Best of all, working for Jeff Bezos again would free him from all the corporate nonsense he's dealt with on a day-to-day basis at Hulu. Just my 2 cents, but he should give it some thought.