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  • Connected TV Ad Impression Share Remains Steady in Q3

    Connected TV’s ad impression share remained steady in Q3 2020 compared with Q2 2020 according to Extreme Reach’s new Video Benchmarks Report which is based on ad serving data from the company’s AdBridge platform.

    CTVs accounted for 39% of impressions in Q3 ’20, essentially flat vs. 40% in Q2 ’20 and 37% in Q1 ’20. However CTV impressions were down from their peak of 51% share in Q3 ’19. Extreme Reach noted that the share reflects a “wide variety of strategies” for how its clients use CTV. The span includes clients who allocate as much as 72% of their impressions to CTV and others that focus on desktop and mobile.

    Both desktop and mobile were also basically flat vs. Q2 ’20 though up from Q3 ’19. Desktop impressions accounted for 21% share in Q3 ’20, steady from 19% in the prior quarter, though up from 15% a year ago in Q3 ’19. Extreme Reach believes desktop benefited from ongoing work-from-home consumer behaviors. Total mobile impressions which includes both mobile app and mobile web was at 39% compared with 38% in the prior quarter, but up from 26% in Q3 ’19.

    Extreme Reach also found that premium publishers who directly sell their own inventory delivered their lowest percentage share of impressions since Q1 ’17 when the company published its first Benchmarks report. Premium publishers accounted for 53% of impressions in Q3 ’20 down from 65% in Q2 ’20 and 80% in Q3 ’19. Conversely, Media Aggregators, which get inventory from multiple sources, including programmatic, jumped to 47% in Q3 ’20, up from 35% last quarter and 20% a year ago in Q3 ’19.

    30-second spots also held steady at 81% vs. 79% in Q2 ’20 and were up from 66% in Q3 ’19, with 15-second shares continuing to decline.

    The report includes additional valuable data on video completion rates, time spent by ad length and invalid traffic for video impressions. The report is available as a complimentary download.

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