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  • Clypd Brings Enhanced Private Market Targeting Tools to TV Networks

    As I wrote last week and previously, the TV industry is in a race to data enable its ad inventory to retain its value relative to online video alternatives and platforms like Facebook and Google that provide audience data at huge scale. Many technology providers are innovating to provide the software tools necessary for the TV industry to make this transition and the latest example is from clypd, which yesterday introduced Optimize Private Marketplace (PMP), which adds to existing features in clypd’s linear TV PMP offering.

    Optimize PMP gives TV networks the ability to enhance audience and yield optimization when dealing with agencies and advertisers. Specifically, Optimize PMP provides (1) multi-goal scheduling to create schedules for a variety of performance goals such as age/gender and advanced audience targets, (2) yield optimization algorithms for campaign delivery within pre-set parameters and (3) an API for campaign management and proposal negotiation.

    All of these add to clypd’s existing PMP features including specifying deal parameters, advanced audience targets, proposal generation, audience optimization, proposal review and business rule, inventory and log ingest.

    clypd said that TV networks including Discovery, ESPN and Fox have been using its platform. clypd cited an example of Volpi Foods and its agency Zero Point Zero Production partnering with Fox and using the Optimize PMP platform for a campaign using advanced audience segmentation. The campaign was able to deliver optimized impressions to target audiences that exceeded goals for brand awareness, recall and sentiment.

    Going forward, TV networks and the technology providers that are helping data enabling TV ad inventory are going to be talking a lot about their momentum. TV networks are making no secret of their significant data initiatives as they seek to meet advertisers’ expectations for more efficient, targeted campaigns.

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