• BrightRoll is Using Amazon Web Services to Process 30 Billion Ad-Related Data Points Per Day

    For a glimpse into cloud computing's significant contribution to the successful scaling of online video advertising, yesterday BrightRoll shared some details of its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) which it has been working with since 2008. According to BrightRoll, AWS now processes 30 billion data points per day in order to deliver 3 billion video ads per month. BrightRoll said in 2013 it delivered over 23 petabytes of content, which will double in 2014. In a related case study, Kenneth Cheung, BrightRoll's senior director of engineering said that "If AWS didn't exist, BrightRoll would be a different company."

    Christopher Amen-Kroeger, BrightRoll's SVP, Engineering, added that the company uses AWS "for every part of our environment, from custom delivery to elastic compute to heavy lifting of software stacks." Among the AWS services that BrightRoll uses are CloudFront (which has reduced BrightRoll's CDN expense by 25%), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) and CloudFormation.

    For those interested in further specifics about how BrightRoll uses AWS, I recommend the case study here. BrightRoll also has a series of videos explaining its technology here.