VideoNuze Ad Summit 2019 EB leaderboard - 2-27-19
  • Beachfront and WhiteOps Collaborate on Connected TV Ads

    Video supply-side platform Beachfront is expanding its partnership with cybersecurity provider WhiteOps to also ensure fraud-free connected TV video ad inventory. WhiteOps specializes in bot detection and human verification. The new CTV collaboration is focused in particular on mid-tail and long-tail video. Beachfront said last November that CTV ad requests jumped to over 2 billion in Q3 '17, with a completion rate of 97% and viewability of 100%.

    Connected TVs are one of the hottest areas of online video, as consumers rapidly adopt the devices and smart TVs to be able to access OTT video. While CTVs were initially used mainly to access ad-free SVOD services, ad-supported services have gained share recently. eMarketer estimates there were 168 million connected TV users in the U.S. at the end of 2017, which will rise to 194.4 million by 2021.

    CTV ads are appealing to traditional TV buyers because they deliver TV-like, lean-back, long-form experiences. But CTVs’ strong adoption, plus video’s relatively high CPMs, make CTV ads a ripe target for fraudsters. This is a critical issue because brand safety is paramount for TV buyers who are accustomed to operating in the well-lit TV environment. 

    Separate, Beachfront recently beefed up its staff, bringing on Steven Florio as VP of Business Development and Daniel Church as Sales Director. Beachfront also recently relocated its headquarters from Florida to NYC, following the sale of a majority stake to Growth Catalyst Partners and Penny Pritzker’s PSP Capital.