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  • Addressable TV Advertising Struggles To Keep Up With Online Video

    An article in Multichannel News this week, "Online Video May Force TV To Pick Up The Pace," discussed how online video advertising is raising the bar on addressable TV advertising (i.e. ads delivered through set-top boxes against VOD streams and the like). That's an understatement to say the least. From everyone I talk to, and from following the activity in the market, online video advertising has lapped addressable TV advertising and then some. From every perspective - investment, innovation, brand adoption, distribution, interactivity, online video advertising is the place brands want to be. And I see this actually accelerating; every week I speak to an executive or two whose company is delivering another exciting online video innovation.

    Meanwhile, despite billions of VOD streams, the infrastructure is hopelessly behind. Case in point: years after VOD launched, dynamic insertion still isn't possible. When I watch anything on VOD, I see the same, untargeted ads over and over again. It's like a throwback to another age. Further, the ads aren't engaging and interactive, lacking even the most basic viewer follow-through opportunities most online video ads now have (e.g. social media sharing). Maybe addressable TV ads will rally, but for now, the clear marketplace and mindshare winner is online video advertising.

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