• 33Across Launches 'Real Video' Outstream and Interstitial Ad Units

    Looking to help publishers tap into high-CPM video advertising, 33Across has launched Real Video outstream and interstitial 15 and 30-second ad units, which can be run against text, image and other non-video inventory (see examples here). The units are sold programmatically and are 100% autoplay and viewable because they appear fully in view for a minimum of 5 seconds before a user is able to close and skip them.

    33Across CEO Eric Wheeler told me that the company is working with Integral Ad Science to ensure quality and envisions being able to offer guarantees in a quarter or two. Inventory is initially available via LiveRail, including for private marketplace deals.  Eric said publishers receive approximately 80% of revenue, since 33Across uses a license fee model, as compared with networks where Eric said publishers might receive 40-70%.

    Eric said part of 33Across’s motivation for Real Video is based on buyers’ frustration with the lack of high-quality pre-roll inventory as well as high prices. He sees outstream ads in particular as offering the best solution to the inventory/quality squeeze. Recent research from Teads supported the value of outstream ads vs. the traditional in-stream approach.