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News for 'ABC'

Title Date Source
Hulu`s `Shark Tank` Problem 09-18-2012 AllThingsD
`Once Upon a Time,` `Revenge` and `Scandal` Debut on Netflix 09-10-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
ABC Television Taps FreeWheel to Make the Web More Like TV 07-02-2012 AdAge
Comcast Launches Disney Channel-based Authenticated TV Service 06-14-2012 Multichannel News
That`s a Wrap: Broadcasters Close Out Upfront Market 06-13-2012 AdWeek
TV Content Ratings System Set to Expand to Web 06-11-2012 NY Times
TV Networks Warn of Web Start-Up`s Impact in Hearing 05-31-2012 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Broadcasters Dispute Aereo in Court Over TV Technology 05-30-2012 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Disney Channel Joins the March Toward TV Everywhere 05-30-2012 AdAge
Pursuing Advertisers With Big-Top Spectacle 05-14-2012 NY Times
ABC Player Downloads Spike 05-04-2012 MediaDailyNews
Katie Couric Prepares for New Talk Show With Weekly Online Series 04-25-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
ABC, Nielsen Team To Measure iPad Video Consumption 03-28-2012 MediaDailyNews
ABC Tests Ad Packages Including `On-Demand` Viewers 03-22-2012 AdAge
ABC Player App Gets an Upgrade 03-19-2012 B&C
ABC Rolls Out 'Happy Endings' Webisodes 03-02-2012 AdWeek
ABC News Digital Hits 100 Million Video Starts 02-07-2012 B&C
LoveFilm Inks Streaming Deal With ABC TV 01-16-2012 The Hollywood Reporter
Embracing Cable`s Concept of Opening Night 01-16-2012 NY Times
No Web Series For ABC Soaps One Life to Live and All My Children 11-29-2011 ReelSEO
ABC-WBTV deal rewrites syndie, digital rules 11-14-2011 Variety
ABC iPad Player App Popular: 47 Million Streams Served 10-18-2011 Online Media Daily
View Along the TV App Landscape 08-08-2011 B&C
Everyday Health Moves From Online To TV With Syndicated Series 07-13-2011 Paid Content
With NBCU Digital Studio Closure, What`s Next for Network-Backed Web Series? 07-12-2011 AdAge
After early zeal, TV networks pull back Web series 07-11-2011 AP
Moving soaps from TV to Web: Easier said than done 07-08-2011 LA Times
ABC on the iPad: Two Million Apps Downloaded and 28 Million Episodes Seen 06-10-2011 Beet.tv
TV Networks Expect a Jump in Spending on Commercials 05-16-2011 NY Times
Hulu, Networks Close To New Deal 05-13-2011 AllThingsD
Comcast Brings ABC, Fox Shows To Free VOD 04-28-2011 Multichannel News
Enjoying the Oscar Awards on Several Small Screens 02-24-2011 NY Times
TV Industry Taps Social Media to Keep Viewers` Attention 02-21-2011 NY Times
Fox Follows ABC Into iPad Sync Space With `Bones` App 02-10-2011 Paid Content
Oscars Launches Live Streaming to Attract Younger Viewers 02-07-2011 AdAge
Comcast`s Gilford Jumps To ABC As SVP, Digital Media 01-12-2011 Paid Content
Turner CEO says heavy Web exposure made company lose interest in reruns of `Modern Family` 01-05-2011 LA Times blog
Netflix and Disney-ABC Television Group Announce Deal to Stream Array of ABC Network, Disney Channel and ABC Family Shows 12-08-2010 Press Release
Google CEO Schmidt Slams Broadcast Nets 11-16-2010 Mediaweek
Google TV Gets Static 11-08-2010 Mediaweek
Last Fall for Broadcast? 11-01-2010 Mediaweek
In DVR Ratings, Some Shows Find Good News 10-26-2010 NY Times - Media Decoder
Why the TV Networks Blocked Google TV (It`s About the Ads) 10-26-2010 AdAge
How Google TV Could Hand Netflix the entire streaming universe 10-25-2010 blog maverick
Networks block Google TV to protect themselves 10-22-2010 LA Times blog
TV Guide Site Partners With ABC for `Check-In` Feature 10-21-2010 Mediaweek
Hulu`s `Modern Family` Problem 10-13-2010 AllThingsD
Bar Codes Add Detail on Items in TV Ads 09-28-2010 NY Times
Networks Have Sharing Issues With Hulu 09-27-2010 Mediaweek
CBS Sports Uses iPad as A Sunday NFL TV Companion 09-20-2010 Online Media Daily
Why the TV Grid Still Matters 09-20-2010 B&C
Online video key to Disney, Time Warner Cable row 08-30-2010 Reuters
`Modern Family` creator: Why I took on Hulu 08-27-2010 The Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood`s choice: 99-cents or nothing 08-26-2010 Fortune
Steven Levitan`s latest tech headache 08-20-2010 The Hollywood Reporter
Steve Levitan: Take `Modern Family` offline 08-02-2010 The Hollywood Reporter
Steve Jobs` mark on ABC`s Lost 07-27-2010 Fortune
ABC News Launches iPad App 07-22-2010 B&C
ABC Top Network Online, comScore 07-16-2010 Mediaweek
Iger: Programmers Walk Fine Line on Fee Increases 06-03-2010 Multichannel News
Campbell Seeks to Grow ABC Stations` Digital Reach 05-24-2010 B&C
Will Growing Crop of TV Apps Engage Viewers, Advertisers? 05-18-2010 AdAge
TV Networks Go on a Pilot Buying Spree 05-17-2010 NY Times
ABC Player iPad App Now Available with Additional Features 05-05-2010 Press Release
Big Four Broadcast Networks Set for 20% Gain in Upfront Market 04-30-2010 AdAge
Is Network TV`s Model Lost? 04-26-2010 B&C
Weighty Dramas Flourish on Cable 04-05-2010 NY Times
`Modern Family` Featured an IPad, but ABC Didn`t Collect 04-02-2010 AdAge
Online TV-Watching Becomes Interactive Experience 03-22-2010 AdAge
New Rules Sought on TV Retransmission 03-10-2010 NY Times
Hulu, ABC and Local Affiliates: A Strange Secret Threesome 02-12-2010 NewTeeVee
Online Video One Step Closer to TV-Sized Ad Loads 02-08-2010 AdAge
Why the Broadcast Networks Can`t Take the Summer Off 01-19-2010 B&C
Cable Caps Decade Of Ratings Dominance With Strong 2009 12-31-2009 Multichannel News
The decade in television: Cable, the Internet become players 12-29-2009 USA Today
Apple Video Play May Hurt Boxee, Roku 12-23-2009 Light Reading
The Most Time-Shifted Shows of the Fall Season 12-16-2009 AdAge
The Future of TV 11-30-2009 AdAge
Hulu`s Massive Traffic Bump? Thank ABC, New TV Season 11-24-2009 AdAge
ABC launching `Grey`s` companion Web series 11-20-2009 The Hollywood Reporter
Disharmony hits Hulu 11-17-2009 The Hollywood Reporter
ABC Site Adds `Social` Tool for Online Video 11-05-2009 Adweek
TV Nets Tap Google's `Video Box` for Series Boost 11-02-2009 Mediaweek
TV Nets Boost iPhone Presence 10-16-2009 Adweek
Audiences dive into the DVR 10-13-2009 Variety
Microsoft, ABC Team on FlashForward 09-21-2009 Mediaweek
AT&T Venture Looks a Lot Like Hulu 09-11-2009 Adweek
AT&T Launches AT&T Entertainment Website Featuring Online TV Content and Movies 09-11-2009 Press Release
`Forward` thinking campaign for ABC 09-04-2009 Variety
Broadcast Upfront to End With a Whimper, Down 22% 08-07-2009 Adweek
TV Upfront Negotiations Nearly Done 08-05-2009 AdAge
Netflix Gets `Lost,` Other ABC Fare 08-03-2009 Multichannel News
Network News -- One Click Away 07-20-2009 B&C
Sluggish TV Upfront Doesn`t Benefit Online 07-13-2009 PaidContent
Buyers Say Advertisers at an Impasse With TV Networks 06-18-2009 AdAge
ABC series score online audiences 06-15-2009 Variety
ABC News Expanding Digital Reporter Corps 06-04-2009 Mediaweek
Never Mind Online Video -- Networks Rally Around TV 05-26-2009 AdAge
ABC`s `Nightline` Launches Twitter Web Show 05-12-2009 B&C
ABC opens `music lounge` 05-08-2009 The Hollywood Reporter