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News for 'DirecTV Now'

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DirecTV Now offers a FREE Apple TV 4K when you sign-up for 4-months of service 04-01-2019 9to5 Mac
Virtual MVPDs Account for Nearly 10% of Pay TV Subscriptions: BTIG 02-20-2019 Multichannel News
AT&T is inviting DirecTV Now users to test its upcoming streaming box 11-15-2018 The Verge
What’s the Best Streaming Live TV Bundle for You? 10-03-2018 WSJ
DirecTV Now Set to Move Cloud DVR Out of Beta, Offer 120 Hours Storage as Add-On 08-23-2018 Multichannel News
When Linear TV and Digital Collide: The Rise of the Virtual MVPD 08-16-2018 comScore
Are your live local channels on a streaming TV service yet? 08-14-2018 CNET
DirecTV Now Pacing to Surpass Sling TV in Subscribers by End of Year 08-08-2018 Multichannel News
Top streaming TV services benefit from having large corporate parents 07-30-2018 Digiday
Streaming TV services hope that better ad targeting will lead to profits 07-27-2018 Digiday
AT&T promised lower prices after Time Warner merger - it’s raising them instead 07-02-2018 Ars Technica
DirecTV Now to increase its prices on all its plans 06-30-2018 Android Central
Internet TV Services Get Big Boost From World Cup 06-26-2018 Variety
AT&T managers encouraged unethical DirecTV Now sales pitches 06-24-2018 Engadget
DirecTV Now's cloud DVR comes to Roku devices 06-05-2018 Engadget
AT&T’s DirecTV Now live TV service launches a DVR, upgrades the app with new features 05-15-2018 TechCrunch
AT&T Misses Q1 Targets, as DirecTV Now Streaming Service Hits 1.46 Million Subscribers 04-25-2018 Variety
AT&T Aims to Ease ‘Margin Pressure’ on OTT TV Services 04-26-2018 Multichannel News
This is still the best Apple TV 4K deal ever 03-01-2018 CNET
AT&T Says DirecTV Now’s Streaming Service Has Topped 1 Million Subscribers 12-05-2017 Variety
DirecTV, DirecTV Now Add CBS Fare to VOD Vault 10-30-2017 Multichannel News
AT&T Hemorrhages 385,000 Video Subscribers in Q3 10-24-2017 Home Media
AT&T to Lose 390K ‘Traditional’ Video Subs, Offset by 300K OTT Gains 10-12-2017 Multichannel News
DirectTV Now Strikes CBS Deal 08-07-2017 Multichannel News
AT&T's 'next-gen' TV platform rollout will start on DirecTV Now 07-13-2017 Engadget
AT&T’s DirecTV Now Is Doubling Local TV Stations Since Launch - But Still No CBS 06-30-2017 Variety
AT&T Kicks Off 5G-Powered DirecTV Now Trial 06-27-2017 B&C
DirecTV Now Sets Best Buy Promo 06-23-2017 Multichannel News
Facing DirecTV Now Sub Losses, AT&T Offering Free Roku Device 06-15-2017 Home Media
DirecTV Now will work exclusively on Chrome, dropping Safari & Internet Explorer in July 06-07-2017 9to5 Google
AT&T is basically giving away cable TV to wireless customers 06-02-2017 BGR
Online TV: The Future Has Arrived - And It May Be Less Profitable 05-29-2017 Home Media
AT&T's DirecTV Now Online Service Said to See Growth Sputter 05-25-2017 AdAge
AT&T CFO: DirecTV Now ‘Has Met Our Expectations’ 05-18-2017 Multichannel News
AT&T offers a year of free HBO to new DirecTV Now subs 03-20-2017 CNET
A Look at the Internet TV Bundle Battle for Pole Position 03-09-2017 Variety
DirecTV Now is giving early subscribers a free year of HBO 03-07-2017 The Verge
Starz Gets Wider Streaming Access on DirecTV Now 02-08-2017 Home Media
Moffett Casts More Doubt on Value of DirecTV Now Subs 01-20-2017 Multichannel News
AT&T’s DirecTV Now Added at Least 200,000 Subscribers in First Month 01-20-2017 WSJ
Grid-Blocked 01-16-2017 Multichannel News
AT&T denies refunds for DirecTV Now customers, despite the service’s performance issues 01-16-2017 TechCrunch
Streaming TV is beginning to look a lot like cable 01-11-2017 Recode
AT&T to Test 5G Wireless for 'DirecTV Now' Streaming 01-04-2017 AdAge
AT&T’s DirecTV Now Gets Off to a Bumpy Start 12-22-2016 WSJ
AT&T Defends DirecTV Now - Again 12-15-2016 Multichannel News
AT&T Launches Exclusive ‘Taylor Swift Now’ VOD Channel As Part Of Multi-Year Deal 12-13-2016 Tubefilter
AT&T's DirecTV Now Prices Likely to Go Up Fast 12-08-2016 Fox Business
CBS could be coming to DirecTV Now soon 12-05-2016 The Verge
FCC says AT&T is violating net neutrality with DirecTV data cap exemption 12-05-2016 Ars Technica
DirecTV Now Launch Plagued With Problems 12-01-2016 Variety
Hands-on with AT&T’s new DirecTV Now streaming TV service [Video] 12-01-2016 9to5 Mac
How Advertising Will Live on DirecTV Now, AT&T's New Streaming TV Service 11-29-2016 AdAge
AT&T users will be able to stream DirecTV Now without using their data 11-28-2016 The Verge
AT&T’s Online Version of DirecTV Said to Launch Without CBS 11-22-2016 Bloomberg
DirecTV Now Supports Single Sign-on for Upcoming 'TV' App on iOS and Apple TV 11-22-2016 Mac Rumors
AT&T Defends DirecTV Now, Sponsored Data 11-21-2016 Multichannel News
Fox Networks Join DirecTV Now 11-21-2016 Home Media
DirecTV Now Sets November 28 Launch Event 11-18-2016 Multichannel News
Will Skinny Bundles Like AT&T’s DirecTV Now Destroy Pay TV? 11-16-2016 Variety
Starz to Bow on DirecTV Now 11-10-2016 Home Media
DirecTV Now Leak Reveals Channels, Promotions, Challenges of AT&T’s TV Service 11-06-2016 Variety
Has DirecTV Now Become a Loss Leader to Help Sell the AT&T-Time Warner Merger? 10-26-2016 Variety
DirecTV Now Coming in November 10-25-2016 Multichannel News
AT&T Seeks to Shake Up Pay TV 10-19-2016 WSJ
Viacom TV Networks Joining DirecTV Now Streaming Service 10-04-2016 Home Media
AT&T Said to Plan Web Streaming as Primary TV Platform by 2020 09-22-2016 Bloomberg
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