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Title Date Source
Vine reboot Byte officially launches 01-24-2020 TechCrunch
Twitter still might save Vine by selling it 11-07-2016 TechCrunch
Why Vine died 10-28-2016 The Verge
Vine's Shocking Shutdown Throws Web Celebs For a Loop 10-27-2016 AdAge
Facebook and YouTube are killing Vine: Half of Vine's top 9,725 accounts have now deleted their profiles or stopped posting 07-28-2016 Business Insider
Adult Swim premiered its newest show on Vine 06-27-2016 The Verge
Twitter is making a huge video push - and tweaking Vine’s six-second limit in the process 06-21-2016 Recode
Promoted Tech As Social Shifts To Video, Content Creators Win Power And Dollars 04-27-2016 BuzzFeed
Why Vine Is Betting on Entertainment and Leaving Social Behind 10-04-2015 Recode
Vine is a sleeping giant (while everyone is focused on Snapchat) 08-07-2015 Quartz
With 100 Million People Watching Vine Videos Every Month, Jason Mante Says Monetization Still Isn't The Focus 05-05-2015 TechCrunch
Shawn Mendes and the 6-Second Path to Stardom 04-24-2015 NY Times
Vine now supports high-definition videos 03-27-2015 The Verge
What`s More Likely to Kill Cable: Netflix or Vine? 03-23-2015 The Atlantic
The NBA is On YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, and Even Yo, But No More Second Life 02-13-2015 WSJ
Vine: The Best Way to Watch the NBA 01-28-2015 WSJ
AT&T to Premiere Show on Snapchat Starring YouTube, Vine Celebs 01-28-2015 AdAge
Vine shifts from comedy clips to a valid journalistic tool 11-23-2014 Guardian
Twitter Has No Short-Term Plans To Monetize Vine 10-27-2014 TechCrunch
Vine Fights Back Against Instagram with New Video Editing Tools 08-27-2014 Variety
Vine Just Got Much Better for Marketers 08-20-2014 Adweek
Fanta Pouring Big Bucks Into Vine Video Comedy Series 08-15-2014 AdAge
Me: What kinds of shows do you like to watch on TV? Daughter: What`s a TV? 08-09-2014 GigaOm
Astronauts Are Now Making Vine Videos In Space 06-09-2014 Tubefilter
The Well-Followed on Social Media Cash In on Their Influence 06-09-2014 NY Times
Mockumentary Vines Are a Huge Hit With YouTube Viewers 05-21-2014 Adweek
Advertisers Want Internet Stars, and Niche Wants to Connect Them 05-15-2014 Recode
Lowe`s Wants Your Ideas For Its Next How-To Vine Videos 05-05-2014 AdAge
Vine website update makes it the YouTube of six-second videos 05-01-2014 The Verge
PHD`s Millennials Talk About Their Generation on Vine 03-25-2014 Adweek
Short-Form Video: Vine, Instagram and Social Video Sharing 01-29-2014 AdAge
One Year In, Vine`s Battle Has Just Begun 01-23-2014 TechCrunch
Cinemax Attempting To Turn TV Characters Into Vine Stars 01-08-2014 Tubefilter News
Twitter launches Vine for the Web with profiles, home feed, and a TV mode for viewing videos in full screen 01-03-2014 The Next Web
Vine Focuses On Global Expansion With 19 New Languages 11-21-2013 TechCrunch
Why Vine Is the New Hot Spot for Finding Fresh Talent 10-03-2013 Variety
Dunkin` Donuts Is Launching the First TV Ad Made Entirely From Vine 09-08-2013 AdWeek
This Guy Has the Second-Most Followed Account on Vine 09-01-2013 AdWeek
These Vine Celebs Made $10,000 in Six Seconds on Their Mobile Phones 08-26-2013 AdAge
Vine hits impressive 40 million users. The key? Comedy 08-22-2013 LA Times
Marketers Need to Consume Vine Video, Not Just Make It 08-16-2013 AdAge
Twitter CEO: Vine growing `as well as we could have hoped` 08-06-2013 CNET -
Honda Can`t Stay Off The Vine: Launches Second Real-Time Nano-Video Campaign 08-06-2013 Online Media Daily
Instagram Isn`t Killing Vine`s Growth (Not Yet, at Least) 08-05-2013 AllThingsD
Virgin Mobile Takes Vine Videos to TV 07-19-2013 Fast Company
Vine shares on Twitter plunge after video debuts on Instagram 06-27-2013 The Verge
Unruly Targets Vine As Potential Platform For Branded Video 06-25-2013 Tubefilter News
5 Reasons Why Instagram Video May Cut Down Vine 06-20-2013 AdWeek
Vine Catching Up to YouTube In Social Media Engagement 06-01-2013 ReelSEO
Video for Instagram Will Be Sole Reveal at Facebook Event Thursday 06-18-2013 AllThingsD
Source: Instagram Will Get Video On June 20 06-17-2013 TechCrunch
Marketers Have Found a Way to Use Vine 06-16-2013 AdWeek
Why Vine is a killer app but it might have hit the LTE wave too early 06-11-2013 GigaOm
Vine Has Been Taken Over By Teens 05-08-2013 BuzzFeed
Lowe`s Uses Vine For Simple Lifehacks And It's Absolutely Brilliant 05-03-2013 Business Insider
Tribeca Vine film contest winners are delightful, disturbing 04-29-2013 CNET -
Twitter`s Vine App Update Allows More Sharing, Web-Embedded Video 04-01-2013 Mobile Marketing Daily
Vine, Tribeca Film Festival Launch #6SecFilms Vine Competition For Viners Obsessed With Vining Vines 03-20-2013 TechCrunch
David Cross flick It`s a Disaster gets Vine premiere 02-20-2013 Wired
Guess what? Vine videos are longer than six seconds 02-07-2013 CNET -
Vine hands-on: Twitter`s game-changing take on social video 01-24-2013 The Verge
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