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News for 'UGC'

Title Date Source
Microsoft Enlists Public to Create Latest Ads 10-30-2008 AdAge
Time Warner Cable Aims for Viral Hit 10-21-2008 Adweek
PBS, YouTube Team On Election Day Project 10-16-2008 Online Media Daily
Discovery`s Mythbusters Looks to YouTube 09-25-2008 Mediaweek
Philips Follows Up on Brave Shave Campaign 09-22-2008 AdAge
Gillette`s Secret To Successful Digital MashUp? Sex Sells 09-22-2008 Online Media Daily
State Dept. seeks democracy videos 09-16-2008 Variety
YouTube Bans Videos That Incite Violence 09-15-2008 The Washington Post
Sony on a `Lion` safari 09-05-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
Digg, CNN Start `Dialogg` 08-27-2008 Mediaweek
Metacafe Adopts Wiki-Style User Updates 08-26-2008 TV Week
San Francisco Music Fest to Fuel CrowdFire Experiment 08-22-2008 AdAge
Suit Over YouTube Video Allowed To Proceed 08-21-2008 Online Media Daily
YouTube Not Getting Into Live Streaming, After All 08-14-2008 Silicon Valley Insider
Crest Brushes Up Tagline With Help from YouTube 08-11-2008 Brandweek
CNN`s iReport Draws 2.5 Mil. Users in June 08-01-2008 Mediaweek
Back-to-School Campaigns Go Online to Reach Teens Directly 07-29-2008 ClickZ
Product Placement Creeps Into Amateurs' YouTube Offerings 07-14-2008 The Washington Post
Revlon Sponsors New People.com Channel on YouTube 07-14-2008 ClickZ
VideoEgg Launches New Video Ad Units. Maybe YouTube Should Pay Attention 07-10-2008 TechCrunch
About.com and ExpoTV Let Audiences Guide Them to Ad Sales 07-01-2008 ClickZ
Youku.com Raises US$30 Million Equity Financing and US$10 Million Equipment Loan 07-01-2008 Press Release
EMI Sues VideoEgg, Hi5 Over User Video Uploads 06-30-2008 Online Media Daily
MySpace, NBC Seek Citizen Journalists 06-26-2008 TV Week
Anchor Bay Holds Trailer Contest 06-19-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
Ad-Mashing Mixercast.com Hits a Billion Page Views Monthly 06-17-2008 AdAge
MySpace collaborating with Paulo Coelho 06-11-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
How new media affected Clinton campaign 06-10-2008 San Francisco Chronicle
YouTube`s Grand Old Contest 06-09-2008 B&C
Dockers Contest Generates Lawsuit Along With Videos 06-03-2008 Online Media Daily
Oddcast Creates Bridezillas Viral Campaign 05-19-2008 Online Media Daily
Lifetime Networks Selects Gotuit for New Mash-ups Site at myLifetime.com 05-19-2008 Press Release
Oakley Continues Social Media Push, Taps Brickfish For UGC Campaign 05-15-2008 Online Media Daily
Daly, Madison Road team on Web 05-12-2008 Variety
Christian Video Sharing Site GodTube Gets $30 Million Funding 05-05-2008 PaidContent
Legal Battle Continues Over Home Video's Use Of Prince Song 05-05-2008 Online Media Daily
UGC Moves to Mainstream 04-16-2008 B&C
WorldNow Taps KickApps For Niche Social Web Sites 04-16-2008 Online Media Daily
Citizen Journalists Get Syndie Show: YouNewsTV 04-14-2008 B&C
Beef Industry Sponsors User-Gen Video Contest 04-08-2008 Online Media Daily
Ads on YouTube: A Portent for Web 04-07-2008 TV Week
Korea`s Pandora.TV Looks To International Markets 04-03-2008 TechCrunch
Video Ads as Effective as TV Ads, Study Says 04-03-2008 TV Week
Magnify Adds Video Upload Widget 04-02-2008 TV Week
iCarly Is TV/Web Hit Thanks to User-Gen Content 03-31-2008 Mediaweek
So where's that Web video shakeout? 03-29-2008 CNET News.com
YouTube Reveals Video Award Winners 03-21-2008 TV Week
Veoh: No One's Watching Network TV On Our Site 03-20-2008 Silicon Alley Insider
I Want My Web TV 03-18-2008 Multichannel News
Radiohead, Aniboom Launch Online Music Video Contest 03-17-2008 TV Week