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Analysis for 'Mark Cuban'

  • Mark Cuban: An Apple Set-Top Box "Would Be A Huge Success." Right, And That's The Problem.

    In a brief interview in AdWeek yesterday, Mark Cuban said "if Apple released a set-top box that supported authentication for multichannel video programming distributors (like cable and satellite companies), it would be a huge success." I agree with him - and that's exactly why such a product won't see the light of day.

    As I asserted in August ("Apple to Make Cable Set-Top Boxes? Not. Going. To. Happen."), if pay-TV operators invited Apple to make set-tops it would be like letting the proverbial fox into the henhouse. They would be turning over their user experience to Apple, allowing the company to drive the UI and therefore reshape the video experience as it determined, just as it has done in music with iTunes. While there might be some short-term benefits (e.g. lower capex, etc.), the pay-TV industry's ability to sustain its multi-channel bundle long-term would be undermined.

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  • Mixing It Up With Mark Cuban At MIT

    Last night's panel at MIT with Mark Cuban, boxee CEO/founder Avner Ronen and Akamai CEO Paul Sagan and yours truly, moderated by Prism's Woody Benson, was a freewheeling affair, with lots of controversy and plenty of humor. The topic was "IPTV: The Scrum for the Last Six Feet" and I think we covered all the relevant bases related to devices, over-the-top, content creation, sports and even what TV shows our kids are allowed to watch. For those wondering what compelled Mark to make the trek all the way to MIT, note the Mavs take on the Celtics at the Garden tonight. Next week I'll make the video available, and also highlight some of the fundamentally different ways Mark and I see the TV landscape unfolding.

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