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  • Media Buyers: Ditch the Whitelist

    In today’s programmatic video buying landscape, the ‘whitelist’ rules.  The whitelist is god and the blacklist is a demi-god.  Media planners and data analysts run daily reports to figure out which sites and apps are worthy; spreadsheets get passed around, emails fly back and forth between buyers and sellers, specifying and clarifying which sites are to be the ‘chosen ones’ this week…and then media buyers start praying that everything works as planned.  On the flip side, media sellers send the new or revised list up the operations chain of command for implementation, hoping for the best.  Same drill next day.  “Please add these 15 sites to the whitelist; please remove these 5 sites, they are not performing….” It’s a revolving door of analysis, communications, adjustments, and praying.

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  • Viewability: Frack That!

    Digital Video Fracking for the Viewability Age

    Since early 2015, digital video media buyers have felt tremendous pressure to deliver “viewable” impressions.  Advertisers want to know, “Was my ad seen or did it at least have the opportunity to be seen?”  There’s a gold rush of VC-backed tech companies clamoring to be the virtual pick and shovel providers for an industry that is hungry for viewability.  With nascent measurement standards in flux and varying technical solutions, the industry is experiencing some turmoil.

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