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Analysis for 'Vadio'

  • Shazam Adds Music Videos From Vadio

    Popular song ID app Shazam is expanding into video in partnership with music video curator Vadio. After users Shazam a song, they’ll be presented with the music video for that song, along with a curated playlist of related music videos that play within the app. The user will have to click to play the fist video, and then subsequent ones will be autoplayed until the app is closed.

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  • Perspective What's this? Where’s the Video? The Modern Mixtape

    When MTV stopped ruling the music world maybe 20 years ago, the joke was that people had been tuning in not to watch the song of the day, but to watch their song of the day. So, as MTV tried  to appeal to the widest possible audience, hard-core music fans tuned out.

    These days, MTV is focusing again on music after a long sojourn in reality programming. But when people want to watch music videos these days, they tend to go to one of two places, YouTube and Vevo, which YouTube owns along with major music labels. There they can find, if they know what to look for, a bewildering and fantastic array of videos about all kinds of music.

    That's a key phrase: "if they know what to look for." YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine and search is what drives discovery there. But how do you find music you'll love, particularly music that's situationally relevant, if you don't know what to look for? More importantly, what if you'd like to go somewhere else to watch music videos? Music discovery shouldn’t be something that is left to one or two destinations.

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  • Vadio Unveils ChannelBuilder Tool For Publishers to Curate Music Video Playlists

    Startup Vadio (as in “radio”) has released a new tool called “ChannelBuilder” which allows publishers and brands to easily curate and embed customized music video playlists. Publishers and brands can select music videos that align with their editorial or business model from a catalog of hundreds of thousands of music videos that Vadio has licensed.

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