• Shazam Adds Music Videos From Vadio

    Popular song ID app Shazam is expanding into video in partnership with music video curator Vadio. After users Shazam a song, they’ll be presented with the music video for that song, along with a curated playlist of related music videos that play within the app. The user will have to click to play the fist video, and then subsequent ones will be autoplayed until the app is closed.

    For Shazam, which has 120 million active users and over 1 billion app downloads, incorporating music videos makes a ton of sense. They entice users to spend more time in the app, driving up loyalty and monetization opportunities while helping discover new music. For artists and labels, this translates to more exposure and revenue.

    For Vadio, this is also a big win, as it helps the company tap into Shazam’s huge reach. Vadio is on a mission to get its curated music videos integrated into all relevant online properties. Vadio monetizes the music videos with ads and revenue is shared among partners and music labels.