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Analysis for 'IPG Media Lab'

  • Research: Pre-Roll Remains Best Performing Video Ad Format

    Pre-rolls remain the workhorse of video advertising, outperforming other formats across metrics including recall, engagement and relevance. That’s according to research from IPG Media Lab and YuMe which was released this morning and compared the performance of pre-roll, mid-roll, outstream and social video formats across mobile and desktop.

    IPG found that just 17% of respondents agreed that pre-rolls interrupted content on desktop vs. 46% for outstream and 53% for mid-roll. The same pattern was true in mobile, with 17% of respondents agreeing that pre-rolls interrupted content compared with 60% for outstream and 72% for mid-roll.

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  • Research: TV Shows Are Still Most Popular Video For Millennials, But UGC is Close Behind

    Here's a good news / bad news story for TV executives closely watching millennials' video consumption habits as a harbinger of what the future may look like. The good news is that, in new research by YuMe and IPG Media Lab, TV shows are still the most popular type of video millennials are watching, cited by 37% of the group.

    The bad news however, is that among women 18-24, hours of TV viewing/week was down 10% year-over-year and among men 18-24 it was down 7%. Of note, user-generated content was a close second to TV shows in popularity, cited by 33% of millennials, and ahead of movies (28%), music videos (19%) and news (13%). For low-budget UGC to be vying so closely with expensive TV programming for millennials' attention says a lot about their changing tastes.

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  • Study: Screen Size Matters For Video Ad Effectiveness, But Other Factors Matter More

    Consumers' ongoing adoption of multiple devices has made it harder than ever for advertisers to figure out how to make their spending on video advertising as effective as possible. To help clarify things, yesterday YuMe and IPG Media Lab released a new study yesterday (download here) which shows that while the role of screen size matters, other factors including ad clutter, creative content and context actually matter more in determining ad effectiveness.

    In the study, 147 participants were exposed to ads on linear TV, connected TV, PC and mobile devices with ad load and frequency typical of what is found when viewing content on these devices. Four different types of content were shown, depending on participants' interests.  Participants' ad recall, excitement and attention were each measured, through a mix of follow-up surveys and biometric tools.

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