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  • VideoNuze Podcast #196 - 3 Key Themes from IBC

    I'm pleased to present the 196th edition of the VideoNuze podcast with my weekly partner Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia. Colin was at the big IBC event in Amsterdam last week and today we discuss 3 of his key themes: how Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become deeply immersed in the online video industry, the rollout of HEVC (high efficiency video coding) plus 4K TV, and the prevalence of multi-screen video solutions.  

    Colin explains how AWS has succeeded in online video, particularly with cloud-based transcoding that leverage its elastic computing resources. This is a theme I hear repeatedly as well and wrote about recently with T3Media's integration with AWS.

    Colin then discusses how HEVC is rolling out, but notes continued industry reservations about 4K TV. Last, Colin observes that multi-screen video solutions were on display everywhere at IBC. With the rise of mobile phones, tablets and connected TV devices, multi-screen has become mainstream. One thing Colin notes was nowhere to be found at IBC was 3D, which he views as now dead on arrival.

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  • T3Media Integrates With Amazon Web Services to Enhance Client Workflows

    T3Media has integrated its cloud-based T3 Library Manager content management solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS), so that common clients can seamlessly connect to their Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier accounts. Mark Lemmons, T3Media's CTO, explained to me that the company's content provider clients gain a new level of scale and control over their storage and compute resources with the Amazon integration.

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  • Metadata's Value, Explained by T3Media's CTO Mark Lemmons [VIDEO]

    The debate rages over whether content is king or distribution is king, but according to T3Media's CTO Mark Lemmons, the "superhero" of the digital video world is actually metadata. In this 5 minute video Mark explains 3 specific reasons why: 1) metadata directly impacts the value of film and TV, 2) metadata bridges archive content to the digital world and 3) metadata makes the relationship between separate assets extremely rich and granular. If you're interested in a quick, but valuable primer on metadata, watch below.

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  • Paya Launches, Enabling Content Owners to License Billions of Digital Assets

    It's no secret that billions of videos and photos are created and uploaded to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, flickr, Facebook and others every day. The proliferation of digital capture devices and online hosting sites has triggered an explosion of digital creativity. What's been missing however, is an economy around these digital content assets - a simple way for content creators to list and license their videos and photos, with a corresponding mechanism for buyers to discover and buy those they desire. This massive opportunity is what Paya (pronounced "pay-ya"), being introduced today by T3Media, is addressing.

    As Craigslist and eBay did mainly for physical goods and services, Paya is trying to put the necessary structure around digital assets to create a thriving marketplace. A couple of weeks ago, T3Media's CEO and Founder Kevin Schaff and VP of Marketing Dan Weiner walked me through how Paya works. I think it's one of the most impressive, well thought out ideas I've seen in a while.

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  • T3Media's Kevin Schaff - Putting Video Archives to Work [VIDEO]

    Last week at the NABShow, Kevin Schaff, CEO and Founder of T3Media (formerly Thought Equity Motion) came by the VideoNuze booth for a video interview (see below, 10 minutes, 32 seconds) .

    In addition to its content licensing arm, T3Media has become an integral part of the work flow for master file storage, helping improve the economics for content archives by improving access to them. T3Media operates on the principle that there are now so many innovative use cases for content that media companies need high-availability, flexible access to it, while still also preserving a behind-the-firewall production copy.

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