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  • VideoHub Gets MRC Accreditation for Video Viewability and Other Metrics

    Tremor Video's VideoHub technology has received Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for its video viewability metric and 4 of its other metrics. The accreditations are another milestone for online video advertising in moving from a "Wild West" to delivering assured campaign data to advertisers, agencies and content providers. MRC is an independent industry organization focused on validated audience measurement services.

    The 5 VideoHub metrics that MRC has accredited are as follows:

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  • VideoHub's GM Greg Smith Explains Self-Service Video Ad Model [VIDEO]

    At NATPE, Greg Smith, GM of VideoHub, a unit of Tremor Video, shared observations on the online video advertising market and how VideoHub is differentiating itself. Some of the highlights of what Greg is seeing:

    - Segmentation among ad buyers - some that want a full-service model, like the one Tremor Video offers, and some that want a lower-cost, self-service model like what VideoHub offers

    - Strong interest in real-time bidding and ongoing desire by publishers and advertisers to figure out how to value inventory

    - An explosion in online original video programming that will be monetized through advertising

    And more.

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