• VideoHub Gets MRC Accreditation for Video Viewability and Other Metrics

    Tremor Video's VideoHub technology has received Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for its video viewability metric and 4 of its other metrics. The accreditations are another milestone for online video advertising in moving from a "Wild West" to delivering assured campaign data to advertisers, agencies and content providers. MRC is an independent industry organization focused on validated audience measurement services.

    The 5 VideoHub metrics that MRC has accredited are as follows:

    - Average Viewability Percentage - average percentage of the video ad that is viewable on the browser screen, measured during defined time intervals.

    - Engagement rate - engagement in interactive ad units when a use either clicks to see additional content or rolls over a trigger for 3 seconds or more.

    - Clicks - measures only user-initiated clicks on a video ad when it is playing.

    - Served Digital Video Impressions - measures served impressions after initiation of the stream, post-buffering, and filtered for non-human activity.

    - Unique Cookies Reach - filtered count of unique cookies indicating unduplicated accesses to video ads.

    Beet.TV has a good interview with VideoHub's GM Anthony Risicato explaining viewability and what the MRC accreditation means. Anthony will also be sharing his insights at the June 4th Online Video Ad Summit in NYC - register now!